How could better SEO help connect you with potential clients?

Plenty of business owners find SEO confusing. A mysterious discipline, most appreciate that it can businesses grow and succeed online – but few know its inner workings. It’s easy to get caught up on the ins and outs of SEO, whilst forgetting its clear benefits for businesses of all sizes, shapes and natures who wish to increase their profitability through a powerful online profile.

SEO is about much more than simply boosting Google rankings. It’s also about connecting with your potential clientele in a rich, productive way. In this post we share why this is the case, and how you can apply this intelligence to your own business for optimum results.

Great SEO helps your target market to find you easily

Each and every one of us has suffered the frustration and anguish of a fruitless Google search. Typing different terms, coming up with nothing, starting over again and eventually wondering whether to try and find your ancient copy of the Yellow Pages. However similarly we’ve all experienced the joy of a smooth, seamless search. Finding what you were looking for easily – locating a business you feel is going to perfectly suit your needs – all within seconds. This is the type of experience you want your customers to have. Good SEO facilitates this – guiding customers to your brand through keyword rich copy, technical tricks and full website optimisation.

Businesses can more effectively communicate with customers via SEO

The secret of online success is rooted in good communication.  It’s great to be ranked highly –but not for just anything. You want to be in prominent view for specific products and services for specific people. And you also want your business to appeal to them when they find you. When clients feel that they have made a connection, they’ve usually been on the receiving end of excellent communication. Good SEO is about reaching the right people at the right time and place with the right material. Eye-catching content and carefully selected keywords ensure that a business not only ranks for relevant search terms – it also beats off the competition via consistent and conscious communication.

Surprise potential clients with the hidden (yet crucial) aspects of SEO

Many make the mistake of believing that SEO is purely about keywords and rankings. Yet other aspects of digital marketing positively impact upon and form a part of SEO efforts. Take for example blogging and social media. A large number of consumers now assess the relevancy and quality of a company based on their social activity – and these channels also drive traffic to your website independently. Blogs are also informative and useful to clients as well as being very popular with Google – thus improving SEO and user experience in one stroke.

An SEO campaign encourages you to invest in a better quality website for higher sales figures

Without a fully optimised website an SEO campaign simply can’t be as powerful as it is designed to be. But even without SEO in the equation your website needs to be easily navigable, functional and well designed. It’s easy for this to become forgotten – often businesses neglect to think about how a website will be experienced by their users. A good SEO provider will insist that you consider the efficacy and efficiency of your site currently and make changes accordingly. So even without SEO playing a role in their visit clients can enjoy a better, smoother, more engaging experience on your website – encouraging them to return.

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