Do Emojis Impact SEO?

Emojis are a great way to enhance your tone of voice when online. Many brands and small businesses use emojis in social media posts, and even in SEO. But do emojis impact SEO and PPC, and if so, how?

Do Emojis Impact SEO?

It’s safe to say that emojis are useful to many people. Millennials and gen Z love them and often use them as a replacement for words. According to a survey, 36 per cent of millennials prefer gifs and emojis for better communications of how they feel. But there are certain things to bear in mind before choosing to use emojis for SEO purposes.

Why Google May Not Display Emojis in Search Results

Although Google does support emojis in search results, they will only be displayed when Google believes them to be relevant to the query. Here are a few reasons why Google may choose to filter emojis from a meta title or description:

  • They’re considered misleading
  • They look too spammy
  • They’re simply out of place

Site owners should also be aware that Google does not always display exactly what is provided as a meta title or description. SERPs can also end up being displayed differently depending on the query. This is why you may find emojis in some search results but not others. However, this does not mean to say you should not use emojis at all.

Use Emojis to Increase Click-Through Rate

When used correctly, emojis can increase the CTR of your website. If you use emojis in your rich snippets, the page will stand out in the search, catching the eye of the user. As behaviour data is used as a ranking signal, many businesses use emojis as a way to speak in the same language as their audience. The more relatable, the higher the chance of a click.

Emoji Characters Can Improve Relevancy in Search

The main purpose of Google is to help the user find the most relevant results for their search query. It will only be natural and relevant to include emojis if the situation calls for them. For example, if we are talking about coffee shops, a coffee cup emoji could be used in the title or meta description.

There are two ways to trigger and use emojis in SERP. The first is to search using an emoji to receive a mix of results. The second option is to search using words only and see emojis in search results, amongst the normal text. There are no statistics to suggest how many users search using emojis only, but we can take a good guess that they’re not used enough. Creating SEO for emoji search will likely be less effective than using emojis in SEO.

Uphold User Experience by Using Emojis

User experience is a well-known quality indicator, something Google has emphasised a lot in the past. This is more than just whether the website is fast or not. Website navigation and better human to computer interaction are also factors.

Take Advantage of Emojis to Increase the Trust Factor

Emojis can make your content look more relatable, which then enhances trust factor. While some view this feature and nothing more than a novelty, many would argue otherwise. When used correctly, it can help demonstrate the value of your page, which is very important. It can also help users remember you and return to your website later.


So, do emojis impact SEO? It really depends on how you intend to use them. It’s entirely up to you if you choose to add emojis to your SEO methods. What’s important is making sure you use them correctly to ensure they keep your content relevant. Before you make any drastic changes to your meta titles and descriptions, make sure you follow industry practices.

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