Email or SEO; which strategy is best for your business?

If you’re trying to build a business what you need to do above all else is attract customers. But what’s the best way of doing this? Well, some people swear by email. They argue that email marketing is far and away the best way of growing a business. Others, however, believe that SEO is the key to successful business growth. They’ll tell you that if you want to make your website visible to the largest number of potential customers, then you have to optimise for search engines. So is litreally a case of either/or, or do both marketing strategies have a part to play in successfully growing a business?

Our strong belief is that if you want to make your business bigger and better we would definitely advise using both marketing techniques, and we’d also throw social media and content marketing into the mix too. The reason for this is simple: you increase sales by providing customers with relevant and useful marketing. In essence you grow your business by giving customers information about how you can help to meet their needs. If you are able to deliver this information by a variety of different means, you will be far more likely to seal a deal.

Is this balanced approach suitable for every business?

The short answer to that is, not necessarily. For some businesses, research suggests that if your customers rely on search for finding answers and solutions to their problems, then SEO will bring a better ROI. So in those cases it makes sense to invest a larger part of the business’ marketing budget in SEO. However, that doesn’t mean that they should completely ditch the idea of email marketing.

Other businesses – particularly the ones that rely on personal referrals, word-of-mouth marketing and discounts – are probably better served by email marketing strategies. SEO still has a part to play for attracting potential customers, but the core marketing, that is the marketing that reaches out to customers who have already opted to receive your content through their inboxes, is best done by email.

Still, whatever category your business may fall into, the important point is that it would be a mistake to rely solely on a single source of lead generation. The problem is that technology and marketing is always changing and evolving. If trends and fashions make email marketing less attractive over time, then it would be a mistake to have put all your eggs in that basket. The same applies to SEO: if that suddenly becomes unfashionable, then it would foolish to have nailed your colours to that mast at the expense of all other marketing techniques.

The important thing is to only make budgeting decisions after analysing all the data and information available to you. Armed with that knowledge, you can then shift the balance of your marketing efforts on the basis of your customers’ needs over time.

What’s important is not whether you should choose SEO or email: what you should be asking is what marketing method will best support my business’ efforts to maximise ROI?

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