Forget Cleverly Worded Mission Statements: Concentrate On Keywords For Longer-Term Success.

Looking to make an impact online?

Want to see your website right at the top of Google’s search engine results pages? How many times have you come across those questions? More to the point, how many times have you been disappointed by some of the strategies that claim to tell you how to make these wishes come true? The answer is probably too many times to mention. Every online business knows that if you want to be the best in your field then you’ll have to try to get as much traffic to your website as possible, and hope that some of those visitors then buy what you sell. It isn’t rocket science. The problem many of the articles fail to address, however, is how you go about doing this.

Well, the answer is simple. It’s up to you.

You choose the path you’re most comfortable with; whether that’s going down the social media route or blogging. But if your business really wants to make an impact, build up long-term consistent traffic and get to the top of Google’s SERPs, then you’ll have to think about search engine optimisation, and that means seriously considering your choice of keywords. Forget the names, the slogans and the mission statements, and concentrate on the basics instead: it’s those keyword-rich names that will ultimately propel you up the search results.

Should you opt for a keyword-rich name or conventional brand name?

Which do you think will bring the best long-term benefit for your new enterprise? Well, a brandable name could well stick in the memory, but a keyword-rich one has the added advantage that it can capture the nature and spirit, or essence of the business itself. Building a brand name can be difficult at the best of times, particularly when that brand name has no inherent SEO value. An SEO-rich brand name, on the other hand, can have a big impact on your rise up Google’s results pages.

Keyword-rich brand names

Before any business chooses a brand name, it should spend time doing some serious keyword research. Obviously you’ll need to have some idea what the site is going to offer in the longer term, but you should only use this to guide your choice of keywords. SEO shouldn’t stop at site names either: it should be carried through to your site’s tagline too. For example you could choose the tag line ‘online retail marketing strategist’ or alternatively go for ‘internet retail marketing strategist’. Both make sense to readers and give a ‘clear’ indication of the service you’re offering: the difference is ‘online retail marketing strategist’ will attract more organic searches each month and give your business a competitive edge.

Are keyword-rich names really that important?

The short answer is, yes, they are. If you’re not convinced, then look at how many smaller businesses make it to the top of the results pages. It’s not size that counts in SEO, though it helps with budgets of course. It’s popularity, and that is dependent on the right choice of keywords.

So will the right keywords guarantee success?

No – of course they won’t. They’ll certainly help to get your business noticed and get a foot on the ladder. After that you’ll have to come up with strategies that will keep you there and help you climb that ladder.  To get a consistent level of organic growth, your business will have to produce the best possible products and be prepared to put a shift in and market itself on social media channels and provide quality content that’s relevant to its users. People may look for value, but there’s a limit to how far they’ll compromise their standards. Consumers will only buy quality at the end of the day

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