Google Mobile Search Growing.

Mobile phones are an essential tool in modern life.

 Mobiles are much more than devices for making telephone calls and the latest generation of mobiles are very much like small computers.  Many of the latest smart phones are permanently connected to the internet.

Google recently announced that searches from mobile devices increased 130% year on year in Q3.  In addition to this, a Mobile Marketing Association study found that 59% of Christmas shoppers plan to use their mobile phones to facilitate Christmas shopping.

With the growth of online search set to continue, it is essential that when planning your website and internet marketing strategy, you spend time looking at how mobile search fits in.

It becomes increasingly more important that your website is visible and usable through internet browsers.  On modern phones this might be as easy as making sure it is valid html and doesn’t use too much Javascript or flash.

Spend time checking your website works through mobile devices and making sure your website can be found through mobile search.

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