Right Guys Gain Control!

You need to optimise your journey to conversion with SEO, modern SEO embraces businesses, and you need to gain control or your SERP’s (search engine results pages).

It is now seen that when we look locally there are algorithmic benefits of improving local visibility.

This has become more evident over the last 2 years as part of the ranking algorithm.

Basically climbing the rankings means having more clicks than those above you on the ranking pages, a bit like a board game, get a higher number and you move forward a few places. But alas the same can apply in reverse get a lower number and you slip backwards. The click through rates are your roll of the dice. Too many low numbers and you will slip away from your competitors.

Key points to maintain control:

  • No duplicate content.
  • Map key phrases to landing pages.
  • Key feature in Meta description.
  • Call to actions clear, make sure you reinforce you call to actions (not spammy) and its likely you can improve your bounce rate.
  • Keep content fresh!
  • Focus on local recognition. (Don’t use foreign directories!)
  • Know your audience.

With website management you can monitor data, data allows you to read performance and think of actions.

SEO is very important for B2B (it used to be mainly identified as B2C) business as 21% of traffic to B2B sites comes from search engines. With 90% of this coming from organic searches.

The main goal of with B2B or B2C is to create a sale.

The goal of search engine optimisation for most B2B marketers is not an immediate sale, but rather an inclusion in the consideration set, the short list of preferred suppliers from which the ultimate provider will be selected.
SEO’s goal in the B2C environment is to generate an online sale in a single visit. Ideally, searchers find a high-ranking site in the search engine results and navigate quickly from the landing page through a prescribed channel, ultimately through the shopping cart and checkout process.

You need to gain control to see results.

At Search and More we work with B2B and B2C clients and have experience of website management and SEO of both. Remember you know your clients and customers, we know internet marketing and website management call us on 0161 669 5544 for any further information.

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