How can you optimise website performance with four small changes?

Most businesses appreciate that they could be getting a lot more from their current online setup in terms of profitability and promotion. It’s often the case however that without the resources or knowledge to do so in house all- important company websites and accompanying digital media are left to fall by the wayside.

It’s now recognised that a website is an essential asset for all businesses whatever their size or nature – with over 90% of consumers checking out prospective purchases online before they make their buying decision. With this in mind, how could implementing four small changes make a significant difference to dwindling visitor numbers and poor website performance?

Survey your audience

Your audience are key. These are the people who you want to engage with your brand and ultimately the people you want to spend money with you. Therefore your website needs to satisfy them and must be appealing to them both in terms of design and visual appearance and functionality. To determine how your customers wish to be communicated with, it’s useful to survey them directly or indirectly, either through market research or by checking out competitor sites and reading previous client feedback.

Consider design and functionality

Leading on from the previous point, design and functionality are both important to the current and continued success of your website. The two go hand in hand and must work cohesively to produce results – results based on how popular your site is. Often beautifully-designed websites are riddled with broken links or are difficult to navigate, whilst unremarkable sites are perfect technically- speaking yet lack the initial excitement and desirability to appeal to their audience and attract them to visit, stay and explore.

Invest in regular updates

Google now favours regularly updated sites over those who stagnate for months or years on end with the same content. This means that you’ll need to invest in regular updates if you want to secure online success – including blogs, social media, videos and imagery as well as a periodic copy refresh every six to twelve months.

Keep the future in mind

Your site needs to stand the test of time. This doesn’t mean that it will stay up in its original state forever – far from it. It will naturally need to adapt over time – but for a natural progression to occur it needs to have been built and designed properly in the first place. This way you can alter and add to the site without any significant cost or disruption, all whilst keeping clients happy and as a consequence maintaining optimal results from your online activity.

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