How could optimising your website benefit your business?

All too often the focus of SEO efforts is on external factors. Writing lengthy articles filled with keywords, updating social media schedules daily, hosting guest blogs on well-connected sites – it’s all fruitless if your own website isn’t optimised to receive the traffic you point towards it, or facilitate the searches you hope to feature highly on. In this post we explore how optimising your website could boost your SEO efforts – in turn driving traffic and benefitting your business.

Effective SEO is difficult without an optimised site

Even when you invest in professionally written copy saturated with keywords at exactly the right level, if your site isn’t set up correctly, it’s unlikely you’ll obtain the ranking results you’re hoping for on Google. That’s because SEO involves more than just keywords. There are many hidden parts of your site which all need to work in harmony with one another (and your content) to ensure success. These include image descriptions, meta tags and alt tags, as well as the structure of the site itself.

User experience matters

You may spend lots of money on effective SEO – which then drives plenty of good quality traffic to your site. Yet sadly when potential customers find you, they don’t like what they see. Your site is difficult to navigate, it’s tough to read through, it’s slow to load.

Essentially, they’re turned off as soon as they land on the home page. What this means is that their experience is poor – and as a result they’re unlikely to venture past your landing page to explore your site further, let alone make a purchase. For this reason you need to ensure that your site hits the spot for visitors so that they don’t want to go elsewhere once they’ve found you.

Google favours good quality sites

Without Google on-side, you’re pretty stuck where SEO is concerned. And just like your users, Google prefers websites which are good quality – no broken links, no poor quality images, no shoddy copy. You’ll need to assess your site (or ask professionals to do so for you) and plug any gaps you may have which could hamper your efforts to dominate the market online. This could include squashing slow load times, fixing broken links and rewriting copy.

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