How to convince your Boss that SEO is Essential

Trying to convince your boss that SEO is essential can be a good challenge for any business. If you have been trying to get your boss to join the SEO train, here are a few things that may help convince them.

Convince your boss that SEO is essential with terminology guidance

Every industry comes with a range of jargon that outsiders may not understand. This goes for the SEO industry. If you can help your boss understand a few basic terms, it could be the one thing that changes a “no” into a “yes”! If they have a clearer idea of what you’re saying, it will be much easier for them to make an informed decision.

Explain why you’re taking a certain course of action

SEO requires a lot of behind the scenes work and doesn’t bring instant results. This is why many business owners are sceptical of SEO professionals as they don’t get the results they want in their desired timeframe. However, explaining how SEO can bring in better long-term results instead of short-term results that will likely deflate afterwards.

Explaining to the right audience

Depending on how big your business is, you may want to host regular meetings with different audiences. Every department in your business will want to know what’s happening and why SEO is important. Depending on which department you’re speaking to, some may want to know technical details. Those in IT would likely want to remove any kinks to make sure everything runs smoothly, editing teams will need to make sure their content is up to scratch and relevant, and eCommerce teams will need to further their keyword research. Tailor your meetings to each department so that everyone knows their next course of action.


You may receive a lot of blank stares when explaining the process of SEO to those who don’t understand what’s going on. Documentation and data that will support your strategy can help convince people that you know what you’re doing and that this is the right way to go.

Build credibility

Proving the power of SEO to shoe above you can be difficult. So, how do you build your credibility? Start by taking on a leading role in your department. Write articles for the company, answer customer questions on your website and provide valuable industry resources. Report on how you are doing compared to your competitors and create a plan of action to improve your current strategy.

How bosses see SEO

Many bosses know that SEO is essential for business success. However, they may be unaware of how SEO works. This is why they may prefer it if someone did the work for them. This is where Search and More come in. We make it our mission to ensure that your SEO strategy is covered from head to toe. We will create, manage and optimise your strategy to ensure you are taken care of on a long-term basis. Get in touch to find out more about our services.

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