The Importance Of SEO For Websites.

As time moves forward, the world’s major marketing gurus are beginning to deliver entirely mixed messages about the importance of SEO for websites.

Some would have you believe it’s more important than it ever was, while others insist that the time has come to look beyond Google to a wider marketing pasture.

In truth however, the reality falls right down the middle of the two. While it’s certainly no longer a good idea for any brand to put all of its eggs in Google’s basket, it can also be fatal from a marketing perspective to overlook the importance or complexity of today’s SEO.

Search Dependence Still Growing.

While much of the web and the way we do things online may be evolving, one thing that’s only accelerating is the dependence the consumer public has on search engines in general. The overwhelming majority of online traffic these days originates directly from search engines. In fact, almost every browser on every computer across the land will be set up to load Google, Bing or one of the other major search engines as its standard home page. Put simply, the world has become dependent on and addicted to the search engine way of doing things and this is not going to change anytime soon. And as SEO is the only realistic way of improving exposure in the rankings, its importance is pretty self-explanatory.

The Mobile Movement.

Something else to bear in mind is the way in which the mobile revolution is well and truly up and running. Not only are consumers the world over by the billion spending much of their time web surfing at home, but billions more are doing the same while on the go. Mobile web traffic is slowly but surely overtaking that of conventional PC and laptop access, with the majority of consumers now admitting their mobile devices influence and in many cases determine their spending.

Once again, and not at all surprisingly, these mobile users are dependent on search engines to tell them where to go, how to get there and why to spend their cash there. As such, to appear prominently in the rankings is to benefit from the mobile movement in the biggest possible way.

Impossible to Ignore

And finally, if any consumer was to actually read and consider every online banner ad they’re presented with in a single day, they’d get absolutely nothing else done. Such is the over-stuffing of conventional web marketing efforts these days that it’s become 100% necessary and instinctive even to ignore at least 99% of them and to instead gun only for what exactly it is you’re looking for. Or in other words, banner ads and popups are in some instances becoming less and less valuable on the whole.

By contrast, the world as a whole trusts Google, respects what Bing returns and generally feels better carrying out a manual search for whatever it is they’re looking for. So, if any business or brand manages to appear prominently in any of these search engines, it brings the kind of exposure that simply cannot be ignored and is automatically interpreted as authoritative.

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