How Important Is Your Title Tag?

The title tag is part of the web page that defines the title of the document.

It has been, is will continue to be, one of the most important on-page factors in achieving high search engine rankings.  It also has the benefit of being able to draw visitors in because your title tag makes up the clickable link in the search engine listings.

Optimising your title tags is as important as optimising the copy of your pages.

Yet still it is overlooked by many when building their websites.  Often it contains just the company name and is identical on every page.

Title tags should contain specific keywords.  Doing keyword research will help you to choose the right words with which to optimise your pages.  The chosen keywords should definitely appear in your title tag.

However it is also important to write your title tags in a way that is compelling, rather than just listing your chosen keywords.  This will help improve your click-through rate as it will appeal to searchers as well as search engines.

Spend time refining your title tags to see if changing the order of your keywords or even the keywords you have chosen helps improve your rankings and click-through rate.

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