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Is it possible to simplify SEO?

SEO is one of the most ‘elusive’ elements of online marketing for most business owners. Whilst many now appreciate the value of a website, few understand the importance of promoting that website in the best possible way to secure sales – and optimising it to enable it to do so.

‘SEO’ is often presented as a mythical discipline understood by few but needed by many – with no secure definition of what it is and how it works. And whilst this representation is correct for most without an existing understanding of the practise, this over-complication often leads to businesses skipping it altogether, which inevitably causes more harm than good to sales and marketing efforts.

Confusion over SEO often leads to one question – how can it be simplified? Firstly to enable non-web developers to understand the concept, and secondly to enable them to dabble themselves. The answer isn’t straightforward, but it’s useful for anyone wishing to boost their rankings and get to know SEO in better detail.

Can I simplify SEO in order to understand how it works?

The answer here is yes, to a degree. Understanding SEO as a discipline is very much like understanding the laws of physics – if you’re that way inclined you could easily learn the basics, but you may not be able to become an astronaut or the next Isaac Newton. SEO is a skill, a specialism which is learnt and taught like any other – it’s a vocation for many. This means that it’s not possible to learn the ‘ins and outs’ overnight – but a good SEO practitioner or online optimisation agency such as ourselves should be able to give you a good grounding in what SEO is, how it works, and how it can benefit your business.

Can I simplify SEO so that I can do it myself?

The answer here is no. At least, not if you want to make an impact and do it properly. The truth with SEO is that anything less than a concerted effort by someone who knows what they are doing could be a massive waste of time. And without the expertise, experience and up-to-date knowledge which comes from working in the industry day in, day out, it’s likely the results you’d produce by yourself would be disappointing compared with having the support of a specialist on board.

Are the different types of SEO?

Different people have different approaches to SEO – which is partly what makes it ‘confusing’ for many who get varying ideas of what it is and how it is done. This also gives the industry a bad name as some SEO practitioners use questionable methods or purport to be experts when their knowledge is in fact dated and is therefore unlikely to produce a positive outcome for their client. A ‘blended’ yet targeted approach using various techniques and a number of elements is actually the best way forward – as traditional ‘SEO’ in isolation only covers a very small part of what is actually needed for the overall impact on a company’s online presence (including websites, social media and more) to be effective.

At Search and More we adopt a comprehensive, multi-channel approach to SEO which ensures positive results – for more on this, take a look at our Services pages here.

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