How To Kickstart Your Marketing Strategy This New Year.

What all businesses need is an impetus, or an incentive to make changes that will benefit the business in the longer term.

There probably is no better impetus than the New Year: it is, after all, the time we make resolutions. So if you really want to give your online business a kick start in 2013 then the one area you should really be addressing is your business online and offline content strategy.

Prior to the introduction of Google’s Panda algorithm it was common to see the search engine results pages (SERPs) dominated by one page microsites; their success was largely based on the strength of their inbound link profiles rather than the quality of their onsite content. However, Panda changed all of that. The promotion of any website on Google’s search engine results pages is now largely dependent on the strength of the site’s content. Websites now need to feature lots of good quality and relevant content: what’s more this content needs to be updated regularly if a business is to stand any chance of ranking highly for a competitive keyword or phrase.

So how does Google differentiate between high and low quality content?

Google differentiates between good quality and poor content by assessing:

  • The quantity and quality of inbound links to the page.
  • The quality and quantity of social signals linking to the page.
  • The quality of the grammar and spelling on the page.
  • The way the text is formatted on the page with the use of bold, italics and bullet points.
  • The use of subheadings to break up blocks of text and add emphasis to all the relevant points in the content.
  • The length of content.
  • The outbound links from the page.

So if you’re looking to kickstart the New Year with an improved onsite content strategy, what should you do for maximum effect?

A business should aim to produce relevant, high quality content that will add lasting value for readers. It’s impossible to define exactly what good quality content is, but if your business can produce content that adds a new or interesting perspective then it is more likely to impress Google. Many businesses opt for the use of infographics so that data can be presented in a different way. It’s also helpful if businesses can offer advice based on personal experience, or publish internal data and information that will not be available anywhere else.

The work, however, does not end there. It’s also important to address the issue of your offline content strategy.

Any successful online marketing initiative is dependent on having a strategic SEO link building campaign. So why is this so important?

  • Inbound links are the heaviest-weighted factor in Google’s ranking algorithm as they add a sense of gravitas and authority to a website’s reputation.
  • When highly-authoritative websites link back to yours, your business will gain additional exposure, and positive branding which will inevitably increase your referral traffic.
  • Links are like signposts highlighting your website. The more signposts your business has, the more potential customers will find the products and services you offer.

However it’s important to exercise great care when building links to your website. In the aftermath of the Penguin update link building requires an intimate knowledge of the search engine algorithms and how they’ve changed. Any business that that build links that appear to be manipulated or unnatural will be penalised by Google and probably see their website’s search engine rankings suffer.

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