Making A Great Landing Page.

Search on the web for almost any search term and you are likely to get in return thousands of links.

The information available on the web is vast and search engines like Google and Bing try to return the most relevant pages for every search term.

But how often do you click on a link from a search engine and then simply hit the back button to return to the results?

It happens to me a lot but it might not be just the search engines fault.  Often it could be just that the information isn’t presented very well.  This is why it is key to look at each of your landing pages and tailor them to best present the information it contains.

Landing pages should contain the information that a visitor would want to immediately know in order to make the decision to go further.  Key information should be presented is a simple and pleasing manner. Visitors should not have to go searching for key details or they will simply give up.

Your landing page should contain a prominent call to action.

This is a detail that many forget but is essential in telling the visitor what they have to do next.  The easier it is for the visitor to proceed, the more likely they are to do it.

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