Are you making any of these SEO faux pas?

These five SEO mistakes could be costing you business.

It’s estimated that over 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. But it’s also clear that many businesses find SEO confusing, difficult to understand and easy to ignore. The same number appreciate the benefits of SEO – but are wary about parting with any portion of their marketing budget for fear of being ripped off. In this post we explain why it’s important to get SEO right – and why it may be better to ignore it completely than do it incorrectly…

1. Doing it all yourself

Whilst it’s tempting to cut your marketing budget or save funds to spend elsewhere by adopting a DIY mentality, this is a risky business. There are certain elements of SEO you could feasibly take care of yourself (such as social media, meta tags and blogs) but without a professional approach you risk jeopardising the results you’ll receive (or not experiencing any results at all). You could even damage your site or do something which causes Google to blacklist you – and often poor practice is difficult to reverse – rankings take time to improve. Then there are the technical, behind-the- scenes aspects of SEO which often go unappreciated and undetected by industry outsiders. It’s these things that work together cohesively with the more ‘obvious’ – so it’s dangerous to ignore them altogether.

2. Ignoring analytics

It’s important to measure the efficacy of any marketing you do – and SEO is no different. A good SEO provider should be keen to provide monthly reports so that you can keep tabs on your progress – rather than simply measuring increased sales alone. Reporting is also important from a provider perspective, as they can use the data collected to tweak and refine their approach to produce better results for you.

3. Forgetting about social media

Social media should form a vital portion of any online marketing methods for a number of reasons. But it also has an important role to play where SEO is concerned – providing additional channels through which potential customers can find you. Social media also aids Google rankings naturally, as it validates your company, helping you feature highly for relevant search terms. Building platforms on video juggernaut YouTube and Google Plus (both owned by the search engine giant) will further bolster any SEO efforts by default.

4. Investing in a site that’s not SEO optimised

For anyone new to the industry, a website build can be a complicated and daunting prospect. There are so many things to consider – different aspects which should all come together eventually to form an effective, powerful marketing tool for your business. Web design companies should be there with you from the word go – guiding you through the process, keeping you informed and letting you know what they need from you at each step of the way. They should be open to explaining the essentials in basic terms, clarifying why and how this website is going to benefit your business. Unfortunately, not all web design companies are able (or willing) to do this. They offer a purely transactional service, which usually means your site will not be Google-friendly. This is then useless from an SEO and marketing perspective – as your website is unlikely to be easy to locate.

5. Hiring a company without a proven track record

In the SEO game, reputation is everything. As it’s an art few outside the industry fully understand, most businesses have to make a judgement based on face value alone (or price – SEO can be costly). But this is a risky business, because there are plenty of poor SEO companies making big claims without the evidence (or the skills) to back them up.

For this reason it’s vitally important that you take into account the results a company can provide, not an impressive website, a cheap price or persuasive marketing. Ask to see what they’ve done before. Read testimonials and contact the companies who provided them to get a more in-depth review. This guarantees that you know who you’ll be working with (and how efficient they are) before you spend a penny with them.

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