An SEO plan – what is it, and why do you need one?

So many companies embark on SEO without a solid plan. But a pre-prepared plan is an integral aspect of any successful SEO strategy. Here we explain why a plan for the implementation of SEO is essential, and demonstrate how you can create a unique schedule based on the individual requirements and objectives of your business.

Consider your objectives

Before you consider the intricacies of SEO along with strategies and methods, it’s important to think about the nature of your business and your individual goals. If you’re an e-commerce store then your requirements are likely to be different compared with an on-demand food ordering service or events organiser.

Scope costings and budget

Next up is the financial planning involved in SEO. SEO needs a significant investment to be effective – and you’ll need to be prepared to spend without seeing a return for at least the first few weeks of your strategy’s implementation. Be honest about how much you can afford, and consider whether you can scale down other marketing activity or assess what’s working and what isn’t in order to free up the necessary funds.

Set up a realistic timescale

SEO is never instantaneous. By nature it’s dependent on Google’s indexing process – which can take a few weeks to register your newly optimised site and all the channels and techniques that are being used on your behalf to improve ranking. Therefore you need to think about how long you will be using SEO for, in what capacity, and how much that will cost in the short and long term. This should be based on what SEO experts estimate on your behalf – for example, they may recommend an intensive approach for three months, followed by a standard monthly maintenance package. Either way you’ll need to be prepared financially but also in a practical sense for the increased traffic that will come your way.

Research and request case studies

Without professional support either externally or in-house, companies struggle to implement an SEO strategy successfully. Therefore at some point you’ll need to consult and employ experts to help your business to raise its profile online. When doing so, remember to thoroughly research companies or individuals before making a decision – asking to see testimonials or case studies to get a good idea of the type of benefits they can bring to your business. Whilst cheap plans may be tempting, they could harm your efforts in the long run if they incorporate black hat techniques, such as questionable back-links and duplicated content.

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