Is Your SEO Provider Delivering What It Promised?

As more and more business start to go online and competition increases, market share is being squeezed.

If you want to stand out from the rest of the competition and attract as many visitors as possible to your website and your product, can your organisation really not afford to invest in a Search Engine Optimisation campaign?

Investing in a reputable SEO company with a proven track record will undoubtedly give you the edge of your competitors and ensure that the products and services you offer will be more readily identifiable and easier to find on the internet. Of course, this begs two questions: how do you know the company offering SEO services is reputable, and how can you decide whether it can deliver on its promises and make your business more profitable?

Any business paying for SEO should rightly expect some form of guarantee that the money if will pay for the service will be worthwhile and value for money.

If an SEO company offers a first page listing in a major search engine like Google, then beware, or at the very least make further enquiries. No SEO provider can guarantee this, as too many other factors are come into play. Moreover if you are offered a first page listing in record time, then it’s more than likely the SEO Company is not adhering strictly to the rules. No internet business would wish to get itself blacklisted and excluded from the search results. The best guarantee and assurance any company can give is that it will carry out the work it has promised to do and try its upmost to ensure that your website will grow organically and steadily.

Any reputable company offering SEO services should be up front and willing to discuss its methods with its customers. If you have any doubts about how the company will achieve the results it has promised, then ask. If the SEO provider refuses to be drawn on these methods or to clarify sufficiently, then the chances are all may not be well and above board.

Get to know a little about Search Engine Optimisation before committing to a particular provider: find out what the firm does, how it does it and what its expectations for your business are likely to be. If   the company offer you the moon on a stick or fantastic results within a very short time frame, the company may well be utilising Black Hat SEO techniques, which could have serious implications for your business. The best SEO providers will help you establish an online brand for your business, and from that your reputation and online visibility will increase. Quick fix solutions never really work.

Ask the company to provide testimonials and feedback so that you can better judge the veracity of its promises.

Look at the feedback left by other clients and users on websites and Twitter and Facebook. Is the company as good and reliable as it claims to be? Finally before making a commitment look at the SEO Company’s portfolio and see for yourself whether it is capable of delivering on the promises it makes. If you don’t like what you see, then maybe it is time to widen the search. If you are confident and satisfied, then remember, any reputable SEO provider will keep you up to date with the latest information, so you should be able to check the results for yourself and decide whether you really are getting value for money.

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