Simple SEO Tips To Help Your Business Dominate The Local Market.

The internet is a monster, but in a good sense.

It has the power to transform lives and can make any business rich and sustainable. All that’s required is a little time and effort. You simply need to optimise your website to attract new custom. Now obviously if you have money to throw around you’ll be able to pay for someone to get your website up to scratch and fully optimised. Sadly most of us aren’t in this bracket. If anything needs to be done, then it’ll be us that have to do it. Money’s tight and margins are being increasingly squeezed, particularly at a local level.

So small businesses need to think clearly and inventively about ways by which they can capture a larger slice of the local market.

Ecommerce is growing all the time, so your businesses should be striving to make sure it’s up at the top of the search engines and raking in all the profits. The problem is all that you will ever be told is that you need to optimise your website to make it effective. Well, that’s fine, but SEO is a complex beast and there are unlimited ways to improve a website’s performance. But what if we mentioned just 3 simple ways in which you could change your fortune? Could that really be true? Can making the simplest of changes help your business become the big player in a small market? Well, yes we think it can.

Search engine optimisation tips

WordPress is the future.

If you’re looking to either set up a website or improve an existing one, then look no further than WordPress. It’s without question the platform of choice for most SEO specialists. Because the coding is clear and concise and the programming up to date; it’s the simplest platform with which to set up a new website. Many SEO consultants would argue that a WordPress website is easier to navigate to the top of Google than other platforms. If you’ve already got a website that not based around WordPress, then it’s worth considering moving it across.


Setting up a blog can be a bit of a nightmare initially, but it’s definitely worth it. Once it’s up and running then the best advice we can give is to keep updating it as often as possible. Google loves content, though at times it does have a funny way of showing it, but there you go. If you can spare the time to fill your site with useful and relevant content that informs and entertains, then Google will find you. Now it may take a while to build the momentum, but be patient and stick at it. Google will get to you and will return to you on a regular basis as long as you keep the site’s content fresh. As soon as this happens, you’ll start to get more followers and ultimately increased traffic to your website.


There are lots of confusing messages flying around about URLs. Is it any wonder a lot of us are confused? The simplest way to pick the right URL for your local business is to choose one with your keyword in the title. Now because the market is so saturated you might have to buy it. But in the long run it’s probably worthwhile. If you run a local restaurant in the suburbs of Manchester and specialise in Greek food, then try and go for a URL that has that information in the title. Choose something like Now you may find that someone else has done the same thing. In that case it’s back to the drawing board. Do persevere though. If you stick to your local area and your chosen keyword you’ll eventually find something suitable. If you already have a website, then consider setting up a new URL and then redirect the traffic from the keyword-friendly site to your existing one.

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