Simple Tips For SEO Success.

Here are some simple tips that will help your website to achieve its potential.

Check your title tags

Title tags are one of the most important factors of on page search engine optimisation.  Title tags tell the search engine what the page is about, but the search engines also use them as the link in their search query results.

Typically a search engine displays approximately 60 characters from the title tag, and in those 60 characters you have an opportunity to highlight to people that your page is the one they should click on.

The best method is to take two or three keywords that are relevant to the page and add them to your title tag.  Perhaps follow this with your company name which helps people to identify your website and increase your brand profile.

Do not use the same title tag for all your pages.  Taking control of your title tags is a simple and quick fix that will make a big difference to your website.

Add a description meta tag

Following the title tag in the search engine listings is a description of the page.  This is sometimes generated automatically by the search engine, but you can also take control of this by adding a description meta tag.  With this tag present the search engines will use your description of the page rather than their own.  This gives you another perfect opportunity to sell your website to potential visitors.

Fix your header tags

Another important part of a web page is the <h1> and other header tags.  These tags are often left unused by people who know little of search engine optimisation when designing websites.  Header tags are another important indicator to search engines about the content of the page.

Try to always use at least a <h1> tag on every page, styling it the way you want to using CSS.

Specify alt text for images

Search engines have a hard time distinguishing the content of images.  The alt attribute allows us to tell the search engines, and people using text-only browsers, what the image is.

Describe the image and, if appropriate, use your keywords in the description.

These simple tips will give you a good start on improving your website both for search engines and users.

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