New Study Reveals That Adding Photos To Social Media Platforms Generates More ‘Likes’.

What’s the most effective way of promoting your brand on social media platforms?

Well, the answer is clearly to engage with your target audience by adding relevant and interesting content. The question that has still to be answered, however, is what is relevant and interesting? What do potential customers want to see or read about? Well, according to a recent survey by Hubspot, it’s images. That’s right: users prefer to see photos and videos in preference to written content. The survey studied the behaviour of both B2C and B2B marketers and found that Facebook photos generate far more ‘likes’ and comments than posts and status updates. To add further credence to the results Hubspot looked at its own Facebook posts and found that photos generated 84% more clicks than stand-alone links. So if you want to promote your brand, then it would seem that you’d be well-advised to fish the camera out of the cupboard and start snapping.

The survey conducted in October this year looked at 8,800 Facebook marketing posts and compared each business’ average likes-per-photo to their overall average likes-per-post. The results proved to be quite revealing as they revealed that photos on Facebook Pages received 53% more likes than average posts, that is, those posts that included text and links. What’s more photos also generated a greater number of comments than average posts: photo posts attracted 104% more comments. Now you may wonder why this is so important. Well, it’s important because those businesses with greater numbers of Facebook likes and comments will automatically have greater EdgeRank:

Facebook’s visibility algorithm based on users’ interaction with Facebook Page content.

Any increase in the number of likes will help to increase EdgeRank, which in turn will cause a page’s content to appear in News Feeds more regularly and increase visibility.

So how can study be used to increase your brand’s reach and visibility? Well, Hubspot recommends that any business wanting to gain a social media edge should seek to engage more with customers by increasing the number of ‘visuals’ in their Facebook posts , that is photos and videos to you and me. The images used need to be not just of the highest quality, but also engaging and relevant. Hubspot also suggests that businesses would be well-advised to hire a visual marketing creator as visual skills are becoming increasingly important in the social world. Now obviously such advice will only apply to those companies with cash to spare: the rest will just have to make do and mend.

Finally Hubspot advises that brands should always include relevant links with images. So if your business has a blog post, an eBook or a landing page that relates to an image you’re posting on Facebook, always make sure you include a link to it in the image description. This ensures you’re your visual content marketing efforts on social media channels will drive traffic back to your website.

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