The Forgotten Value of Link Building.

It’s probably fair to assume that at this stage in time, there isn’t an SEO professional out there that isn’t aware of the value of link building.

As far as SEO elements in general go, there isn’t a single one that’s been with us for longer and managed to hold onto its value the whole way.

Of course, as time has moved along the subject has become a rather different one and the ways in which backlinks must be used has also changed.

Instead of it being a case of just spamming the web with millions and hoping some earn credit with the search engines, it’s now more about quality than quantity. It’s becoming common knowledge that less can indeed mean more in the world of link building, but in the never-ending quest for better search engine rankings, thousands of SEO experts seem to have forgotten entirely about one of the most extraordinary benefits of strong link building.

Organic Traffic.

Ask most why backlinks are used in online marketing and they will of course tell you it’s all about building a strong score with Google. However, it’s worth remembering that links of all kinds were used way before Google came to power and certainly before the SEO wars kicked off, so what were they used for back then?

Simple really – they drove organic traffic towards the website they pointed at.

This is something that seems to have been forgotten in too many circles these days, despite the potential it has to boost the performance of any site across the board. SEO is after all a process to earn traffic, so why not use link building efforts to score extra traffic in the traditional sense?


When looking for the best site or page on which to position your backlinks, chances are the primary factors you will consider will be those of the site’s pagerank, authority, relevance, and so on and so forth. All of these are of course exceptionally important and could determine the success or otherwise of your SEO efforts, but are they the be all and end all? Not even close.

There could be a site out there that won’t bring your SEO efforts all the glory in the world, but at the same time could see your link placed before the eyes of tens of thousands of readers every single day. And if only a small percentage of these come your way, it’s still organic traffic at its finest that you could easily convert.

A Simple Test.

One of the rules the SEO experts of the world advise should be followed at all costs is to never position your backlinks on a page you wouldn’t visit or in a place you yourself wouldn’t click. It’s all well and good having links tucked away on page 44 just for the sake of SEO, but these days Google takes into account everything about the link and its placement. So, the simple advice is to allow your own common sense to be your guide and think about whether or not the link would be effective for you.

And if the answer is no, chances are it isn’t worth bothering with.

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