Turning Ranking Into Clicks.

Your listing in the search engines have a major impact on how much traffic your website receives.

Ranking high for your keywords is very important as this gives you good visibility to potential visitors.  However if your search engine listing doesn’t appeal to people, a high ranking might not necessarily transfer to increased visitors.

Persuading people to click

Your search engine listing is fairly small so it is important to make the most of your chance to sell your website to potential visitors.

A listing is made up of your page title, meta description and the page URL.  In the absence of a meta description, a snippet of text is picked by the search engine from the page content.  You should look to tweak all of these page elements in order to improve the number of people clicking your listing.

  • Keywords

Use keywords in your page title, meta description and URL.  Some search engines, including Google and Bing, highlight the words that were searched for.  The more you have highlighted, the more chance they will visit your website.

  • Sell yourself

Try to put across why people should visit your link.

  • Call to action

A call to action in your description can be very effective at drawing people to responding.

  • Your brand

This is especially important for when people are looking for a website they are familiar with.

Taking care over the elements that make up your search engine listing can have a great impact on the traffic that it provides.

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