Can Video SEO Help Your Business Reach A Bigger And More Profitable Market?

We’ve all heard of search engine optimisation, haven’t we? We all know all there is to know about the various  internet marketing techniques of  tweaking copy for keyword relevance, building quality backlinks and using  article marketing to attract a more targeted audience. Well, at least we may like to think we know all there is to know. But, have you ever considered using search engine optimised video to advertise your business? If the answer’s no, then maybe you should consider it. Every day 2 billion videos are viewed on YouTube. Just imagine if your business used this: think of the power this would give you, think of the increased exposure and visibility, and that’s even without your video going viral. If you really want to reach a wider audience then video seo is definitely what you should be doing. If you’re still not convinced, read on and hopefully you may want to think again.

  • The predominant medium used on the internet is text content: video lags way behind this. Apparently a video is 53 times more likely to show up in the Google search results than text content, according to Forrester Research. Optimising your video with keywords will ensure your video shows up in the search results guaranteeing that it will be seen by your target audience.
  • Videos can help your business make an impact and stand out among your competitors. If a potential client is choosing between two companies, both with similar services and pricing, which is he more likely to do business with? It’s pretty obvious that he’ll choose the company that created the biggest impact, and that’s usually the one with the entertaining and informative video.
  • If your video is memorable and entertaining, potential customers are likely to share the video with friends. Suddenly, you have a whole new world of fans who are likely to become customers. Granted this doesn’t necessarily mean your video will go viral, but it certainly helps to spread the word. By making sure video is SEO-friendly, you are helping to get it found in the first place.
  •  You already have a great platform for sharing your video, YouTube. Billions of videos are viewed on the network daily and the site makes it easy to add keywords to your title and description as well as in the keywords tag.
  • Videos help increase brand awareness, but they can also do this in a subtle way. Customers are wary of the hard-sell approach. Sharing a targeted video on YouTube lets people know what your company does, without force feeding them blatant advertising. Not only will a video help your business reach a wider audience, but it will give people who were unfamiliar with your business a great first impression.

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