Why you should always Caption your Videos on your Website

If you’re considering a video with a caption as content for your website, it is important to remind yourself that to caption your videos effectively is a step you cannot overlook. Even if it is a video you plan to upload on YouTube to embed into your website, you must make sure you caption it properly if you want it to be found. But why is this important? Here are just a few reasons…

More engagement

According to a study by PLYMedia, videos with captions are 80 per cent more likely to watch a video until the very end. This means that captions will ensure a clear message that will be duly noted by the viewer.


First of all, captions are not just for those who are hard of hearing. Accessibility is essential for a variety of reasons, such as distorted sound on the device or having to keep the sound off in a particular space. According to Facebook, videos with captions received a 12 per cent increase in viewership than those without.

Low cost

Adding captions is a timely task. And while you can use machine-generated captions provided by YouTube, they could come with confusing errors that can leave the wrong message. If you would like to save yourself the hassle, it may be worth investing in a freelance captioner or a transcription service. They tend to charge relatively low for this type of service.

Higher ranking in search results

SEO is key people! If you want your video to be found in SERPs, you need keywords to be included in your captions (make sure they’re in the actual video too, of course).

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