You Are The Weakest link – Goodbye!

Link building is essential to internet marketing strategy as it is an important feature of search engine optimisation.

It is however a time consuming and never ending task.  Incoming links are one of the key influences of search engine ranking.  Each incoming link is like a vote for your website.  The more votes you have, the better your ranking will be.

However, over recent years the idea of an incoming link has become much more complicated.  Search engines had to devise ways to score links in order to stop people using link farms or simply spamming links over the web.  Consequently links to your website now have a value place upon them, often called link juice.  Getting good links is a great advantage to your website, while bad links could potentially be harmful to your efforts.

What makes a good link?

The best links are those that come naturally from a page upon a website that is considered to be an authority.  Unfortunately the best links are generally extremely difficult to get.

The profile of a good link has at least the following profile:

  • The link should look natural.  Links that are obviously paid for have much lower value.
  • The content of page the link is on is related to the subject of the page linked to.
  • The link should not have the rel=“nofollow” attribute.
  • The page should not contain hundreds of links.
  • The link text should contain your keywords.

By weeding out the bad links you will be able to focus your link building efforts on the right kind of links and get a better result from your work.

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