Why is a single-track approach ineffective online?

At Search and More we often talk about our unique methodology and holistic approach to online optimisation. We know that a multi- faceted system works best when it comes to getting businesses noticed online. Yet all too often companies find themselves focusing investment solely on one aspect of digital marketing. After all, isn’t this method proven to be effective in traditional marketing circles?

Digital marketing is an entirely different beast compared with print or traditional marketing channels – and it needs a tailored approach implemented by professionals who are experienced in the field for this very reason. So why is a single-track approach ineffective online?

Digital marketing requires many strands working cohesively

Digital marketing can’t work properly when only one discipline is implemented across the board. The internet is a huge place, and it can be accessed by users in many different ways. When you focus only on your website, you exclude users who click on paid adverts, or love to scroll through social media to find products or services.

Content is everything – and needs to be everywhere

The content you share online speaks volumes about your business – so it’s crucial that it’s of the best possible quality. That means images must be high-resolution, crisp and professional. Any graphics should be informative and eye-catching. Copy must be tailored to your target audience and should propel users towards making a buying decision with you. Together these types of content can positively or negatively effect the impression your business gives to potential clients – so each element needs to be the very best it can be to secure success online.

Social media isn’t the only way to reach customers

Mistakenly many businesses believe that social media is the only type of digital marketing – that’s all there is to it. In reality (whilst important) social media only makes up one part of a more detailed plan which guarantees more visits and better quality engagement.

A website must be optimised to be effective

Digital marketing campaigns are largely useless if users are directed to a site which is below par. Your website needs to be built and designed properly for a number of reasons – and it needs to satisfy both your users and Google. Without one or the other its functionality and sales capability is compromised – as you can either can’t be found, or fail to satisfy large numbers of users when they do come to your site. For this reason having experts on board from the word go is essential, as without a fully functional site optimised for digital marketing activity any money you spend on getting noticed online could be wasted.

For more on how highly effective digital marketing could revolutionise your business, take a look at our Case Studies or Services pages.

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