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Why is my SEO not working?

SEO is a discipline that takes more time and focus than paid media and other quick-to-launch and results channels. It is something that works when done right, and a lot of businesses are too quick to say it doesn’t work for them or they don’t see the value.

In truth, it works great, and there could be a few reasons why your SEO is not garnering the results you want it to. Most of the time when SEO fails, it comes down to unrealistic expectations or inherent challenges within the company.

Unrealistic Expectations

SEO is not the last-ditch solution to rescue your business or the magical potion to produce engagement and conversion goals. SEO can do these things but, like media channels and digital marketing, SEO Stockport has to be planned, projected and benchmarked.

To do this, you will need to seek out industry data, competitor research and audience keyword data to fully understand the potential for SEO and what it would look like.


SEO is not a quick switch solution that can be flipped and results are instantaneous. Variables in algorithms, factors with our sites, the importance of links and the competitive landscape all make promising or counting on timing for SEO ROI and profitability that bit difficult.

Business owners have a problem with the non-committal nature of SEO when it comes to the timing of results, and too many are eager to pull the plug instead of getting to the bottom of why it is failing. The truth is, the more competitive the space is, the more time is required – and the more issues you have when you start that need working through, the more time you’ll need.

Thinking Tactically

Most SEO tactics stand the test of time and still are important today. However, this has also been the cause of a lot of weight placed upon them.

Writing new tags or optimizing them will not see much of a lift and one new link will likely not see much of a difference. Strategic thinking is what is required instead of dabbling in specific tactics.

Chances are your SEO was started with a checklist or set of tactics that did not have a specific direction. A strategy requires research, goal setting, methodology and measuring the impact whilst having mechanisms built in to allow agility.

Lack of Audience Demand

When a business’s target audience is not searching for what they offer, that is typical of SEO not working.

It is not a case of SEO efforts not getting the site ranked for certain keywords – it is simply that those rankings won’t matter in driving traffic, leads or sales. These can be products or services that are ultra-technical, have zero awareness or selling models privately or are not conducted publicly.

When there is no opportunity or desire for people to actively come to a search engine, search, find the product/service and click through, SEO and working to optimize can be fruitless.

For SEO Stockport that works and adopts strategic thinking for a campaign, talk to the team at Search and More today, the go-to place for Stockport website design.

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