Avoiding the Common SEO Pitfalls

2021 is the year that the shift in your business goals really needs to match up with the momentum gained from radical changes you may have had to implement, which includes the full focus on online resources in order to drive business and avoiding the biggest SEO mistakes.

Search Engine Optimization has never been more integral to business success rate than it is right now, yet some businesses fall into a position where they still make the most common mistakes with it. As 2021 begins to generate growing concern for businesses to pull through, it is time for businesses to fix the areas where their SEO is faltering for them.

Set the Correct Goal

It may be hard to fathom but some business owners kick off SEO in Stockport campaigns without a clear focus on what their actual goals are.

The simplest thinking is that doing SEO will naturally increase their traffic and lead to better sales, but it is not as simple as that. By not understanding what your SEO is aiming to achieve, you could be lost between driving the wrong traffic to your website and your website not converting visitors into customers the way it should, leaving you with mixed metrics and not much to do with them.

Search Intent

Naturally, this relates to the user’s intended goal in looking for your product. Are they looking to buy? Are they wanting information? Are they unsure of what the product is?

Google makes a point of favouring websites that meets the search intent for queries, so by figuring out exactly what that user is wanting to achieve with the keyword query you would be able to provide the answers and rank favourably on search engines.

Ignoring Responsive Requirements

Now is the time that your website cannot put off the change to mobile-friendly responsive web design in Stockport.

You may feel this does play into your SEO strategy but you cannot be more wrong. In today’s marketplace, over 50% of traffic is generated by mobile devices. This is why Google puts mobile-friendly websites to the top of search results. If your website is not responsive and loads slower than the desired 3 seconds it should be taking, you are suffering from the loss of interest from users and even worse from ranking factors.

This is among the most important areas in maintaining and growing your organic traffic, yet some business owners are still slow to implement the change. This equates to practically handing over your customers to competitors who have this in place.

These are just three of the biggest SEO mistakes businesses stand to make in 2021 from their SEO campaigns, which a digital marketing agency in Stockport will aim to ease businesses away from making any further.

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