Online Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – that used to be the mantra of every grown-up who didn’t like change decades ago. However, when it comes to your marketing message, it always needs to be kept fresh and appealing – and that includes the way it is marketing to the masses.

Traditional Means

Don’t get us wrong – traditional marketing is great and we are not saying its old fashioned. It still plays a very important role whenever people step out of the digital world. Some people love to discover things the old-fashioned way – be it a tv commercial or something they see in a magazine they read – and they still have the same amount of power they had back then.

However, more and more people use the internet today more than at any point in history,  which makes the necessity to beef up your online marketing all the more important. Whereas traditional forms take the people discovering you, a well-tuned piece of digital marketing finds them wherever they go.

Using the internet for several hours each day is the expected norm today. Digital marketing uses this fact to its advantage by weaving in marketing communications over every digital channel for you to stay connected with users.

Types of Digital Marketing

A great digital marketing campaign is discovering the perfect balance between traditional and digital, as both play an integral role in the overall marketing strategy and help each other.

In many traditional forms of marketing – such as tv commercials or trade ads in magazines – there are codes you can scan to be directed straight to a company’s online social media channels or even their website, helping to create a customer chain of people who are not using the internet but discover your product.

On the other side, a website or social media platform can offer a way to order catalogues, brochures or even information packages from your company – which can then be sent out via the user including their home address. This avenue is also great for sending out new offers or free samples to clients, as mail is still the main way for people to see offers companies have for them. Emails occasionally are sent to spam folders or diverted that way if they get too annoying.

The Importance of Reaching Online Users

Working with a digital marketing agency Stockport on developing an internet marketing Stockport campaign is about appealing to a larger audience. Hand in hand with more traditional messages, it brings even more attention to your brand, message and services.

Contact the team at Search and More today, the number one spot for responsive website design Stockport and digital marketing.

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