What is SEO and How Will it Help My Business?

So, what is SEO? First of all, let us get something out there – it is okay not to know what something can do for your business, especially when it comes to technical stuff. Not everyone was born with the ability to understand complex terminology and how coding and algorithms work and everything in between.

The good thing is that you landed on this page because you asked a similar question to the headline of this article, and between the millions of pages that would give guidance towards your answer, it is SEO that has you reading this right now – and that is what Search Engine Optimization does for your company.

Let’s discuss this in some general detail.


Search Engine Optimization is a strategy of digital marketing that is centred around your website presence in search results that are generated through Google, or Yahoo or any others you may use.

SEO tactics can be categorised in two ways – On-page and Off-page. Both of these SEO work to make your company website more friendly and trustworthy to the millions (possibly billions) of users out there as well as the search engines they are utilising. The search engines use crawlers to determine which websites are friendly to them and users and increases your rankings for different searches.

Let us set a small roleplay where you have two company websites. We will call them Responsive and Non-Responsive.


Responsive is a website that has incorporated responsive website design Stockport, which is a user-friendly website for people using smartphones and tablets and generally provides a better user experience. Non-Responsive is an older style website that users of tablets and smartphones will have a tough time navigating to get what they want.

A search engine like Google is now presented with both. It is an easy decision which one here is the more friendly for them and their users. Search engines today use over 200 factors to generate search results for users and the reason is simple – When people want their product of choice, they go online and don’t want to search for long before finding them.

How You Got Here

Let us take a look at how you arrived here today. You would have opened up a search engine and typed in something like “What is SEO” or “How does SEO work?”.

Straight away you would be directed to the first page of thousands of search results, but chances are that you clicked on one of the first three listings it presented to get your answer. If you didn’t get that answer from choice number one, you would have clicked back to the search engine to go to the next. Now, those companies that have not adopted SEO or responsive web design are not in those search results on the first page. They could be hundreds of pages back.

What are the chances of you going all the way to the back to read the same thing that is presented upfront?

When it comes to having the answers to a search query online, or the hunt for a certain product or service, SEO is the key to being at the front and providing a trusted source for both search engines and users.

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