10 Tips To Build Engagement In Your Blogs, (Part 2).

In part one of this article we looked at the first 5 ways of getting your blog noticed.

In part 2 of this article we’ll look at another 5 tips that will help you to build engagement in your blogs

Make sure your blogs are optimised.

If you want to get your blog posts noticed by the search engines, then you’ll need to make sure that your posts are optimised for your particular keywords and phrases. So you’ll have to ensure that your keywords and meta-descriptions are included throughout your blog posts. There’s no point spending time writing your wonderfully informative posts if the search engines can’t find them.

Make sure your blogs include embedded links to social media channels.

If you include embedded links in all your blogs to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, then you’ll be able to merge your content marketing with your social media. Embedded links will also open up a potentially new audience who haven’t previously had the benefit of your wisdom. It’s a simple process and should be done every time you write a new article. This type of strategy can help to build website traffic, boost search engine rankings, and increase engagement with your brand.

Give your audience what they want.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to produce stimulating and thought-provoking content to win an audience over. If all you produce is the same as your competitors there’s little incentive to visit your website. Hone your blogs: concentrate on blog titles and the way your content is organised. But don’t just stop there: think about what attracts an audience. What sort of thing would they like to read about? Would they prefer photos or infographics? When you’ve worked out what suits your audience best, give them what they want.

Don’t be afraid to include other experts on your blog.

It might be your business and your blog, but that’s no reason to exclude others who could add value to what you have to say. Invite other experts in the field to participate on you blog. If they have interesting of controversial views on a particular subject in your niche, then their inclusion can spark debate and generate participation. Obviously, some subjects are too controversial, and should be avoided at all costs. If you have the time try videoing the blog posts and uploading these to You Tube or other video-sharing channels. What you’re trying to create is a buzz, and if you can achieve that it will do wonders for your site traffic.

Don’t forget to add sharing buttons on your blogs.

If you want your blogs to be read by the widest possible audience, then it makes sense to include sharing buttons and RSS feeds on every post you share. This will then give readers the opportunity to share your posts with others and open up a whole new audience.

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