2015’s Most Important SEO and Content Predictions Outlined.

With 2015 already steaming by at record pace, the country’s leading web marketing gurus are casting their nets as far ahead as possible to get a taste of what may or may not be heading our way soon enough.

According to experts, this year will in SEO stakes be every bit as interesting and crucial as 2014.

What can we expect to see in 2015 in regards to SEO and content trends?

With the likes of the Apple Watch, Samsung’s latest gear, new devices from Sony, and HTC on the imminent horizon, it’s abundantly clear that wearable technology will influence search in a big way this year. As so many analysts predicted years ago, the growth in mobile tech markets and respective product adoption is leading the world into an era where spoken, conversational search terms are becoming the new norm.

As such, SEO in 2015 really must be tailored to make an allowance for voice search, which as time goes forward, is only going to play a more pivotal role with each passing month.

Growth in Sponsored/Automated Listings.

What’s also expected to see a dramatic rise during the course of the year is Google’s top-level promotion of both its partner businesses and those able to pay for more prominent listings. Over recent months, we’ve seen Google open the doors for allowing restaurant bookings to be made directly via the search engine, tools like calculators and currency converters popping up automatically, and even song lyrics posted by the search engine itself.

Brand Mentions.

Links will continue to play a role in assessing the value and thus position of any site in the search rankings, though Google is already known to be looking at brand mentions with greater focus than ever before. For example, having a backlink published on a site of authority will have a positive effect on the site the link points to, but so will the authoritative site making a direct mention of the brand in question as part of its written content, perhaps even more so.

Mobile Focus Will Count Enormously.

The way in which the world is quickly moving toward a largely mobile future in terms of web access has, of course, not escaped the attention of the world’s biggest search engines. Quite to the contrary in fact, those that are not already making concerted efforts to bring their sites and their user experiences to the mobile web crowds are falling dangerously behind the curve. What’s more, to overlook such huge swathes of the public will not go unpunished by the powers that be – just as evidence of mobile focus will not go unrewarded.

Social Signals Creeping In.

Will a day arrive when Facebook ‘Likes’ and page shares directly influence search engine rankings? It’s a very debatable idea to say the least, mostly for the fact that it is still so easy to buy, fake, and generally earn such badges of honour by anything but organic means. However, certain social signals never fail to serve as genuine marks of respect, which could include anything from being followed on Twitter by influential individuals to being affiliated with key brands and businesses on Facebook.

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