4 things you should know before investing in SEO

Although some businesses embark on SEO blindly, most like to get to know the practice a little before they invest in it. But this need for clear information (which is frequently hard to find) often results in companies neglecting to implement an online marketing campaign at all. Here we condense our frequently asked questions into four handy points to consider as you implement an SEO strategy for the first time.

No two SEO companies are the same

It’s crucially important that you choose the perfect partner when investing in SEO. SEO has unfortunately garnered suspicion in recent years, earning a reputation for dodgy dealings, questionable tactics and rip-offs. It’s true that there are plenty of cowboys out there – but despite this there are many genuine companies who invest a lot of time and effort into helping businesses to succeed online with dedicated teams of expert staff. For this reason it’s key to investigate the company you’re planning on working with. Check out their testimonials, ask previous clients for an honest review and request to see credentials and qualifications before you spend a penny with them.

Successful SEO strategies need a substantial investment

There really is no such thing as ‘cheap’ SEO – as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Whilst SEO doesn’t need to be expensive, it’s likely that you’ll need to spend at least £200 a month depending on your objectives and how quickly you want to fulfil them. Prepare for the cost of SEO, and consider its possible returns for your business against the other marketing methods you have in play before you take the plunge.

What you need to be looking for when choosing an SEO company is value for money. Of course you have a marketing budget – and even if SEO comprises a large part of that, you’ll need to know exactly where your money is going. Good SEO providers have clear pricing structures and set plans that grow incrementally as you do.

SEO can increase demand quickly – and unexpectedly

Be ready for the incredible results SEO can bring for your brand. Most businesses see steady growth – visitor numbers increase, conversion rates go up, and gradually month by month they see enquiries starting to come in on a regular basis. However some see a spike in their orders or bookings – perhaps because of a popular offer, a rise in demand or a particularly successful social media post. Whilst your website and online presence does the hard work to give prospective customers a positive impression of your business, it’s up to you to retain them as a customer and deliver on the promises made once you have them on the phone, through the door or purchasing a product at your online store. For this reason It’s important to be ready for this just in case – as failing to deliver could have serious consequences for the reputation of your business.

Even the best SEO strategies may take some time to produce results

How quickly you’ll see results really depends on the state of your website and online marketing strategy prior to the commencement of your SEO campaign. For example, if your website needs a lot of work to make it search engine friendly (or worse, has been blacklisted or downgraded by Google), the clean-up process will delay the process as a whole.  Don’t expect results overnight with SEO – it’s often a long game. You’ll need to plan for this (and know when to expect a return on your investment) accordingly.

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