5 SEO tips for 2017 business owners need to know about

Google is constantly changing its algorithms to refine and perfect its search experience for users – and whilst it’s no secret that there are hundreds of components within its calculations, the formulas themselves are still kept firmly under wraps.

SEO is ever-evolving – and there have been a number of significant Google algorithm changes and new features to take into account as we embark upon the second half of 2017. Whilst you should always leave the technical stuff to the experts, it’s useful to be aware of the changes they’ll be making on your behalf to ensure that you continue to drive sales through your online outlets.

Google AMP confirms that responsive is imperative for positive SEO

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP) initiative sets a standard for web developers when they create responsive sites. Whilst it’s not something business owners themselves need to get their heads around, you will need to ensure that the company you entrust with their online presence is up to date and is making changes in line with the new directives. AMP has been created to ensure that the classic criteria prioritised by Google are always covered – including swift load times and streamlined analytics access.

Voice search can’t be ignored any longer by businesses that rely on SEO

It’s no secret that there has been a monumental shift in the way we experience the web – from desktop to laptop to smartphones and tablets. This has not only affected SEO and the way Google expects sites to be built and presented – it has also produced new features that can be lucrative to businesses. Like all new features, they’re often slow to be taken up widely, then become a necessary element – just like responsive design and video embedding.

With these trends, it’s hard to know whether to jump on early (and get ahead) or save wasted time and resources on a fad. Voice search certainly seems as though it’s here to stay – and following in the footsteps of Apple’s Siri Google’s voice search facility is getting bigger and better. With this in mind, it’s worth speaking to your SEO provider about optimising your site for voice searches.

SEO via visual content is important

We discuss the importance of quality visual content here on the blog – but from an SEO perspective, it’s key to remember that images are searchable and therefore form an important aspect of your presence online. If you have search experts on board, they should be taking care of this for you. If not, it’s worth carving out a few hours to go through your site and ensure each and every image is optimised for Google. It only takes a few simple steps (including adding alt text, metadata, keywords), but it can be time-consuming – so make sure you have a full morning or afternoon to take care of it.

Take care of your online footprint to improve SEO

Your online presence extends far past your website. It also includes other platforms (such as social media, review sites and directories) that funnel into it to drive traffic and increase authority and credibility both in the eyes of Google and potential clients. Take some time to sit down and assess the platforms you currently have, but perhaps don’t use – such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn. If you are no longer paying attention to them, at least make sure that they are updated with relevant information and contact details in the meantime. Then it’s a good idea to schedule time in at a later date to ensure that those platforms are populated and working hard for your business.

Content is still key for good SEO

It’s no surprise that Google continues to place the emphasis on quality, engaging and relevant content as one of its principle criteria. Spend more time on your blogs and website content, or enlist professional support to ensure that copy is readable and optimised from both user and Google perspectives. Scheduling regular blogs (weekly, or bi-monthly at least) is sure to give your SEO a boost – as well as providing content for social platforms and other sales funnels.

Need more expert search tips? Keep following our blog – or get in touch to discover how our holistic approach to internet marketing could help your business to reach a greater portion of your target market using local SEO in Stockport and responsive website design.

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