Conversion Catastrophes: How to Banish Woeful Bounce Rates.

There’s very little in the world quite as soul-destroying as running a website that seems to be raking in the traffic and yet has the most pathetically woeful conversion rate imaginable.

It’s a little like having a five-million-piece jigsaw puzzle only to find a half-dozen pieces are missing right at the end – frustration on a whole new level. However, the good news for site owners facing this kind of catastrophe is that in most instances, bewildering bounce rates can be attributed to one of a few very common, very simple, and very damaging site issues.

Consider the following for banishing woeful bounce rates:


1 – Page Loading Times.

First of all, if any of the pages on your site take more than about four seconds to load up, chances are that’s your problem right there. These days, the average web user is unwilling to hang around for more than a few seconds waiting for pages to load up, so if they’re hitting your site and bouncing pretty quickly afterward, this could be the issue.

2 – Poor Quality Landing Pages.

Never forget that along with page loading times, you also have no more than a few seconds to win them over with the quality and content of your landing pages. This means not only concise, presentable, and wholly relevant content, but also making sure that first impression of professionalism and quality is immediate and high-impact. If your landing pages look even 1% amateurish or convoluted, they won’t stick around.

3 – Poor Navigation.

It’s one thing to pique the interests of your readers, but it’s really of no use at all if you then make it needlessly difficult for them to get around your site. Complex or generally ineffective navigation systems never fail to deal websites the mother of all bad hands – if they can’t find what they want in an instant, they won’t bother hanging around and searching for it.

4 – Distractions and Annoyances.

Sure, it’s necessary to have at least some marketing materials on your website to generate income and the like, but the more you load your pages with ads, banners,and popups, the lower your chances of scoring meaningful conversions. Today’s web user simply cannot bear unnecessary distractions and popups which are not only annoying in a logistical sense, but tend to be a tell-tale sign of a site that’s more about spamming than high-quality content.

5 – Mandatory Membership.

Last but not least, booming subscriber lists can be a wonderful thing, but these days you simply must, MUST make memberships and subscriptions optional. One of the biggest of all causes of hideous bounce rates is the insistence on making every last visitor sign up for a membership before being able to make a purchase or even access your site in full. Most people already have a thousand more subscriptions than they really need – don’t make them take on another one.

If all else fails, call in the pros for a comprehensive site inspection – chances are however that if you’re guilty of any of the above, you’ll have your answer.

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