Five questions to ask yourself before embarking on an SEO campaign

If you’re looking to secure any portion of your customer base online, SEO must form a key part of your company’s marketing strategy. But whilst this is a necessary component of any business’ promotional activity, it pays to carefully consider before rushing in. Successful SEO implementation is often the product of meticulous planning, a well thought out approach and plenty of budgeting, scoping and analysis. Here we share five questions to ask yourself before embarking on an SEO campaign.

What do you want this SEO campaign to achieve?

This is a key question that (surprisingly) often goes unanswered when businesses embark on an SEO campaign. As with any marketing method, you need to ask yourself exactly what outcome you expect and desire. Would you like to sell more of one particular product? Are you looking to raise your brand’s profile? Will increased website traffic enable you to take more bookings and expand your business? Every company is different – and as such, each company’s goals will be unique. It’s important that you consider this so that you can share your objectives clearly and coherently with your SEO provider when the time comes so that they can tailor their techniques to help you achieve your goals.

How much do you have to spend?

Budget is important when it comes to SEO. Whilst some companies claim to be able to implement a successful strategy for as little as £50 a month, most good SEO providers charge at least £200 a month for a very basic package. With this in mind you’ll need to set aside a separate budget for SEO or portion off some of your marketing spend to accommodate it – and consider your goals in the process. You get what you pay for with online marketing – so if you want to see a tangible difference within a few months, you’ll need to ensure that you can pay for a strategy that will produce the results you need.

What portion of your overall marketing strategy does this comprise?

Setting out a budget can be hard – especially when different agencies charge a range of prices for packages of varying intensity. A useful question to ask when considering budget (and the level of SEO you may require) is to think about your marketing strategy as a whole. Do you have other successful irons in the fire? Or are you an e-commerce business needing SEO to form 90% of your promotional activity? How much you spend and what you spend it on comes down to the nature of your business, your goals and your entire marketing strategy. If other methods are working well for you, SEO can afford to take a back seat and grow over time. If SEO is the only way you’ll secure new clients, it’s time to invest seriously in marketing your business online.

Have you taken a reality check?

If you manage your expectations before you begin your SEO campaign, you can monitor progress from a realistic perspective. It’s likely that you won’t see overnight results with SEO – and being aware of this enables you to budget appropriately and work out just how long you’ll need to ‘plug the gap’ for with other marketing methods. This also means that if things aren’t moving as quickly as they should be, you can ask pertinent questions.

How soon do you need to see results?

SEO has the power to grow a business substantially in a fairly short space of time. But don’t assume that it will turn your business around in a matter of months. It can take time to implement techniques, strategies and build your site up to make it Google-friendly. SEO is a holistic practice – it’s about more than simply improving rankings. Good SEO providers will use a blended approach (as we do), implementing a range of disciplines to guarantee a result. That said, SEO is never going to work overnight. Make sure that you’re aware of this, and have set aside time and money to allow it to work for you.

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