Forbes’ Startup SEO Tips To Learn A Lesson From.

Start-ups are hardly a new concept, but it’s only as of late that they’ve begun popping up each day like mushrooms after a downpour.

Of course it’s the web we have to thank for such golden opportunities, though it’s safe to say that the more startups that emerge, the harder each has to fight to get by. And that’s precisely why the gurus at Forbes insist that when it comes to making the most of your business’s SEO strategy, it sometimes pays to think and act like a startup.

Why? Well, it all comes down to losing sight of the simple basics and instead chasing dragons for the big-time results that may be forever out of reach.

So while it’s hardly practical to go back to the drawing board with the whole of an SEO campaign, your business could nonetheless benefit from a few basic startup staples and standards.

1 – Encourage Openness.

For example, when you have ‘the’ SEO guy or SEO team in a workplace, the rest of the workforce doesn’t really give a second thought to rankings and placements. As such, you never know how many good ideas and everyday insights you may have benefited from as they’ll never be voiced. By contrast, work more like a startup where everyone gets a say on everything and you invite what could prove to be truly vital contributions.

2 – Calm It With Keywords.

Startups these days are entering a world in which keywords are to some extent yesterday’s news and keyword stuffing amounts to SEO suicide. By contrast, there are so many bigger businesses that still centre their whole SEO campaigns on keywords and are treading dangerously close to the kind of punishment famously slapped on eBay last year. Habits are always hard to break, but break this one you must.

3 – Obsess Over the User’s Experience.

In a similar vein, startups today are finding it necessary to focus almost entirely on user experience when building their websites, as opposed to the SEO tools and tricks that once may have brought in the traffic. This is an example that should be followed far and wide as SEO on a 2015 level is about 99% to do with user experience and 1% to do with the usual SEO tricks and techniques. What’s more, this 1% is likely to be eroded further going forward.

4 – Social Media Matters.

Established businesses are bringing social media into the equation with the SEO campaigns – startups on the other hand are wholly embracing SEO and making full use of its power and reach. Social media has the power to make or break businesses like nothing else and really isn’t going anywhere but up. There may be some changes in the years to come with regard to which social media platforms the world loves best, but social media as a whole is here to stay and is only being accelerated by the mobile revolution.

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