Four habits of successful businesses online

Although there is no ‘magic formula’ for good SEO and all-round digital success, businesses who excel online have a few important principles in common.

They are aware of their audience’s needs

Successful marketing schemes are targeted. They bear in mind the fact that there is an ‘ideal recipient’, an individual who is going to be responsive to whatever they put out there in relation to their business. The ‘ideal recipient’ is most likely to be plural – with a one group of people or more interested in the product or service you have to offer. This is good news – but only if you know how to reach them. To understand this, you need to be aware of what they want to hear from you. How they wish to be engaged with. What encourages them to associate with your brand, and more importantly the things which influence them negatively.

They know how to meet client criteria

Once you understand client needs, you have to be able to meet them. Businesses who regularly receive opportunities and quality leads through their websites know that this is down to two things – the client has engaged with their brand, and the client wants what they have to offer. The reason they’re hooked is that whatever marketing material they’ve been exposed to has convinced them that the company sending it is the solution – they’re basing their buying decision largely on the belief that you can meet their needs in some way.

They don’t ignore Google

However brilliant your website and accompanying marketing material may be, if nobody sees any of it, it’s largely useless. Businesses who have an effective online presence usually feature high on Google. This can be achieved in a number of ways – through quality copy, through regular updates and via social media channels, notably Google Plus and Youtube. Exploiting the rich resource of leads Google has to offer you can be truly lucrative – but ignoring Google is likely to be both costly and frustrating – especially when you have splashed out on a brand new website.

They invest in quality content

Savvy businesses know that a website, blog post or digital marketing campaign is only as good as its content. Content includes the copy, images and any other media (audio, visual) you wish to share with your clients. Whilst design and functionality are both key elements of any business’ online strategy, they may be overlooked if users find there is little substance contained within.

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