Google My Business – Take control of your Google My Business Page

Every business has an opportunity to use this free tool, and make more of their google search results, but plenty still aren’t making the most of it.

At Search and More, we specialise in helping our clients market themselves online. It’s maybe not surprising, but the one thing they all share is a desire to come at the top of a Google search page.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a huge part of what we do with our clients – helping them achieve that top ranking and making sure that their clients and customers can find them when they are searching online for their services. But we also help our clients by making sure that they make the most of all the other options out there that can market their business online.

We’ve recently been asked by a number of people whether Google+ and Google My Business are worth the time and effort. To find out, we’re conducting our own experiments. We’ve had a 360 degree virtual tour taken of our offices and we’re asking for more Google reviews, to see the effect of these activities on our own search rankings.

We’ll share those results with you when they come through, but we recommend that our clients make the most of everything Google has to offer and particularly your Google My Business Page – because we think it might be a very useful addition to your digital marketing strategy. Here’s why:

Better Organic Search Results

When people search for your business directly, they are more likely to find you. With a Google My Business listing, searchers can see details of your business, including your business name and logo, premises, location, contact information, opening hours, payment types and all the categories associated with your business, directly in the search page. Having that information available and highly visible influences conversions significantly.

Better Visibility in Local Search

People search for local options for what they want. And they search for places through Google and on map applications like Google Maps. If your business listing is easily searchable, you can influence what information people get when conducting location based searches. Not only will you get a pin on Google Maps, but you can also have your phone number, opening hours, website address and a host of useful information available for the searcher. All of it helping your local search conversions.

Be a Star with More Google Reviews

Part of Google My Business is the ability to leave reviews and comments. The one thing we do know is that people read and take not of other customer and user reviews. It’s a good idea to regularly check what people are saying about your business and also to spend time responding to reviews. Thanking reviewers for praise is a very good practice and shows that you engage with your audience, as does making the effort to understand and respond when people are having problems. By doing this you can generate goodwill, build advocacy and encourage people to be more vocal about your business. You may want five-star reviews every time, but a good range of honest reviews is more trusted by Google and also by the readers.

Be Visible and Open and Show Your Customers Around Your Business

Google My Business allows you to upload your own photos onto your site. But you can also request a 360 Virtual Tour from a trusted Google partner. Here at Search and More we have undertaken a 360 tour of our offices and we are monitoring the effects on our search results. All the evidence suggests that real images of your working environment adds validity to your business and makes you more approachable. If you have a shop or retail premises, this can be an invaluable tool in attracting customers.

Google is the dominant search engine on the internet. And this isn’t going to change. It makes sense then that every business, from a large corporation to a one-man-band, makes use of additions like Google My Business. First of all, because it’s free, but also, more importantly, because we think it will turn out to be a very helpful addition to your digital marketing mix.

If you’re interested in a virtual tour, or in adding your Google My Business page to your digital marketing, talk to us. We’d be more than willing to offer any advice and help you set it up.

We are the internet marketing professionals you didn’t know you needed – until you see the results we can get you. We offer responsive web design and SEO strategies that help you gain the majority market share.

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