Google Virtual 360 Tour – Does it Help Your Search Ranking?

Just before Christmas 2016, we were approached with an offer we had to explore. A 360 degree Virtual Tour of our offices, here at Ourworx.

It intrigued us, as Digital Marketers, because it promises lots, including helping us to reach more clients and improve our own Google rankings. If it delivers what it promises, then we will be very interested indeed.

What is a Google Virtual Tour?

Google’s Virtual Tour has been around since 2010. Not to be confused with Google 360 Analytics, the 360 degree Virtual Tour is linked to Google my Business and Google Street View. It delivers a listing in Google for an organisation that includes a 360 degree view of the agency office and street view as well.

Based on Google Street View’s mapping technology, a virtual tour is designed to allow your customers to step inside your business from the comfort of their laptop, or mobile. When this is fully integrated with an optimised Google business listing, your business is getting maximum Google exposure.

Benefits to Our Businesses

As more than 90% of online research is done through Google, it seems wise to make the most of everything Google has to offer. And there are numerous benefits promised with having a Virtual Tour listed with Google:-

1. Better Search Results

With a Google Virtual Tour the size of your search results expands and helps you stand out on the page. Normally a search result is a couple of lines of text, which can easily be overlooked.  It’s nearly impossible for Google users to miss you with a Virtual Tour.

2. Build Confidence in your Brand and Business

A Virtual Tour offers that extra confidence in your business by allowing clients and customers a view inside and see how and where you work. It can also set you apart from competitors. As clients naturally feel more affinity with a business they can see.

3. Increase Local Traffic and Local Engagement

The stats are that 97% of people search for local businesses before making a decision.

Whatever your business, whether it’s offices, retail, or service industry, the evidence suggests that more people will be enticed to purchase from you, if they know where you are. Studies have shown that 59% of customers visit a business within the same day of their search, and 18% of local searches lead to a purchase within the same day.

4. Can we afford not to?

A Google listed Virtual Tour might be one of the most inexpensive ways to market your business online. After the initial outlay of working with a professional agency who can capture multiple 360 degree panoramic photo shots of your business premises, Google hosts everything for you at no cost. There’s no ongoing subscription fees. It seems a small price to pay for something with an indefinite return.

Our Decision – Test and Learn

Marketing is built on analytics. Digital marketing more so than ever. Every day, we analyse, refine, test and learn, to make sure our clients get the best results and the top level ranking for the search terms associated with their business.

With the offer of a 360 degree Virtual Tour, we decided to do the same. The benefits are well documented and seem to be indisputable. But the only way to know is to test them and see.

Click here to view our tour listing. We will analyse and record how it goes. Whatever the results, we can’t wait to share them with you.

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