How can social media boost SEO?

SEO is often thought of as elusive by disgruntled business owners confused over its benefits and methodology following numerous conversations with digital ‘experts’. But actually SEO doesn’t have to be complicated – and providing a targeted approach is adopted by professionals who fully understand the company at hand’s current status and future goals, results are likely. At Search and More we have crafted our approach over a good number of years working with the web, an approach which involves using multiple strands which come together to result in tangible improvements in the success of a company’s online presence. All have a crucial place in augmenting traffic and producing quality visits and engagement – but one important strand is social media. So how can social media boost SEO?

Social media caters to your audience

In lots of ways, social media does some of the ‘hard work’ for you, in that it has already attracted a high percentage of your target market by default. What this means is that your customers are ready and waiting – so all you need to do is get out there and engage them. This involves posting regularly and frequently, posting information clients want and need to see, and encouraging visits by dangling digital ‘carrots’ which they don’t feel able to ignore.

Share in seconds

It’s true that the volume of posting and time spent assembling information to be shared on social media can be time-consuming, but it really only takes one click to submit your carefully-crafted post to the world. This is especially true if you have automated systems which enable you to post to several different networks all at once. Being able to share and reach your market in seconds (where other more traditional marketing methods would have taken hours, days or even weeks) is great for SEO as it means you can attract customers much more frequently, provided your content is up to scratch (that’s where professionals like us come in).

Engage quickly

The great thing about social media is that it actively enables you to instantly grab the attention of your next best customer. Within the space of twenty minutes, an individual can see your post, visit your site and make a purchase. This instant pulling power cannot be underestimated – as when used to your advantage it can significantly boost visitor numbers and results in increased engagement and better sales overall.

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