How to choose keywords

Keywords are the basis of all searches on the internet. Using keywords and key terms, search engines determine the nature of your search and your requirements before displaying relevant results. This relevancy is based on a number of factors and channels – including social media and site quality. But keywords still play an incredibly important role for search engines in the indexing and ranking process.

Correct keywords are integral to the success of an SEO plan. But choosing the select keywords that will produce results for your business from a multitude of relevant terms can prove to be tricky. It’s best to enlist professional help when implementing an SEO strategy – but before you speak to a company about your requirements it’s a good idea to understand keywords, and consider what you want to rank for so that you can communicate well with your SEO team.

Consider the nature of your business, your location and your audience

Start with your business nature, your desired location and your audience. First, what is it that you do? What services do you provide, what type of products do you offer? Let’s say you’re a hardware retailer. So think about the particular products you want to sell online, or you believe there is a market for in a particular location – in this case, you’re particularly interested in being known as the place to purchase quality paint at a good price. You then need to consider where searches will take place. If all your business is conducted online, then you may need to go for a nationwide coverage. However if as in this case you’re a local business needing footfall, concentrate on your town, village and surrounding areas. Finally consider your audience. Who is going to be searching – and is there any particular market you wish to target? Perhaps it’s trades, or homeowners, or landlords. This will help you determine your keywords and narrow down your selection to include relevant terms only as you move on to the next stage.

Start with a brainstorm

Once you’ve ascertained key locations and products, it’s time to put them together and make sense of them all. You may also need to promote an advantage or USP that your audience commonly searches for – so it’s at this point that you consider what types of words may be accompanying your key terms as consumers search. These could include ‘cheap’ or ‘handmade’ or ‘yellow’ to identify what’s different about each product or service.

Use Google tools

Google Ads has a useful tool for businesses to use as they scope their SEO strategy – even if they’re not considering PPC advertising. Once you’ve created account you have access to Google’s keyword generator – which enables you to take a look at different keywords in isolation to determine their popularity. This can help you to make a decision between two similar terms – for example painters or decorators – or opt for both.

Leave it to the professionals

SEO experts know how to extract the right information from your business and apply their own knowledge and experience in order to select the right keywords and key terms for your company. They also work closely with copywriters, who can then weave the keywords into your content in a natural manner designed to please search engines and remain readable for your users. For this reason keyword research and the development of a wider SEO strategy is best left to the professionals if your business needs to secure sales online. Laying the groundwork using the techniques and advice above can help you to have a productive conversation with them meaning they’ll get to grips with your business and objectives quickly, therefore getting the ball rolling faster.

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