Where Have I Gone Wrong on my Website?

Every business owner at some point has adopted the old ‘college try’ when it comes to their online presence, usually in the form of the businesses first websites then require improve website performance tips after they begin to fall short of expectations.

Unsurprisingly, this is usually met with less than satisfying results and a lot of mistakes that occupy the space for far too long – creating an eyesore for the business and the users who may happen across it. What some business owners fail to grasp in their bid to save money on having a professional do it, is that a good to a great website is an art form and, just like a painting or photograph, the experience for someone looking at it is the reason it exists.

If your website fails in its form and function, then it fails as a project. Like any project, there are rules in web design that must be followed, and if not followed then they stick out like a sore thumb.

Everything at Once

The most unattractive thing about a website is when someone has thrown everything they want to say into one section. This is content overload.

A well-structured website is like a great book, it has to build interest not by giving you every detail on the first page, but give them information that keeps people engaged. If upon entering your website, a user is presented with too much writing and images all in one space, your website will either take too long to load (which results in users giving up and leaving) or will instantly look like it will take more than a minute to read (which results in users giving up and leaving).

Too Little

On the other end of the scale, we have those websites that have next to nothing to showcase upon loading.

Whilst this seems like the complete opposite of the above and a more sensible approach, it can also go too far by not covering much. If you are too cryptic with what you provide, users may believe you have something to hide or worse, have no idea what you provide. Naturally, it is going to take a great balancing act to find the right volume in keeping people engaged.

Confused Branding

Now this one is quite common and falls into the trap of having inconsistent typefaces, images, colours and themes that feel like they are cut and pasted from different places completely.

There are some instances where a business has gone through a brand change and some pages carry older logos and branding, failing to update images and information. When creating a website, be sure that all of the above matches seamlessly. It is extremely ugly to see as a user.


Have you ever used your mobile device to check out a website and it doesn’t match up to the size of your screen?

Well, that is a common problem when your business has not adopted responsive website design into its online presence. Nowadays, everyone uses tablets and mobile devices on the go to search the internet, and Google search engines rank businesses with responsive websites much higher than those who do not. This could be quite a tricky area to undertake yourself, so it may be much wiser to make that call to a Stockport website design company to do the job right.

For businesses who prefer to forgo the old college try, Search and More offer a professional approach to internet marketing and social media management, contact the team at Search and More today for responsive website design in Stockport. One of our main methods for ‘how to improve website performance tips’ is to join forces with a professional digital agency.

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