Is Your Website Letting You Down? Check Your SEO.

Wondering why your pages languish on page 30 of Google?

Many times, achieving page one rankings seems like the Holy Grail for businesses. With a limited marketing budget, many businesses cant afford to use PPC. However, many quickly find it harder than they thought. Whilst do-able, it’s just not as easy as it used to be.

Shady SEO agencies claim to be able to get your site ranked highly easily and quickly.

When you hear such a pitch, run away. These probably use churn and burn blackhat methods. These may rank your site; for a few weeks, before Google catches on. Blackhat methods can only get you kicked out of the search results.

To be fair, they may be doing the right things i.e. producing relevant and optimised content, running a targeted social media campaign, maybe even acquiring targeted authority links from influencers in your industry. But rankings depend on more than that.

In SEO, one size doesn’t fit all. A tailored strategy is vital for getting any ranking worth having i.e. positions where customers will find your site. But how?

Ranking factors change all the time in the SERPs, Google hands out penalties, your competition can launch better campaigns. The sheer amount of things to keep up with can overwhelm anyone; even seasoned marketers.

But there is hope; check these and fix these SEO mistakes to provide a much needed jumpstart to your site’s rankings:

Analyse Your Site For Existing Penalties.

Penalties are a common cause of stalled rankings. Many webmasters throw links at sites; hoping to make the site rise in the search results. But if the site has any Google penalty, it’s all a wasted effort.

Use tools like Ahrefs or Majestic SEO, to find the links coming into your site.Who is linking to you? Do you have any links from what Google considers ‘bad neighbourhoods’? These tools show you the active backlinks, nofollow links, anchor text and other important metrics of sites that link to you. If you find links from weak and potentially harmful sites, request a removal of the link. If they refuse or ignore you, use Google’s disavow links tool.

Check Your Content.

While we all know the value of having content on the blog, it is easy to mess it up. Having thin or duplicate content will lead to a Google penalty. How often do you post? No matter how niche your industry is, there’ll always be something to write about. When stuck, employ the services of a content marketer.

One mistake webmasters make is to stuff their content and tags with the same keywords. That is an old tick from 2001; these days, all it gets you is a slap from Google.

Know Your Keywords.

Do you know what keywords you should be targeting? Informational keywords are excellent for generating leads. Your site should also be optimised for commercial keywords. Local businesses can target keywords that include a location.

Local businesses can carry out keyword research to find low volume, but laser focused keywords that describe their location.

Avoid Basic Optimisation.

Start your on-page SEO by subtly optimising your site. This includes adding a page title, description and alternate text if a picture is used. These signal what your page is about to the search engines. Using content that your target audience actually wants to read, takes care of the human element.

Local businesses with smaller marketing budgets can also:

  • Ensure their blogs offer a good user experience.
  • Have a content marketing plan to use those long tail keywords.
  • Avoid irregular blogging.
  • Take advantage of social media.

Trust me, SEO can be confusing to even seasoned marketers. Attempting to do it yourself can lead to a ‘broken’ site or simply a massive waste of your time. One of the biggest misconceptions with SEO is to assume that it’s a one-time thing. With Google updates and changes, it definitely isn’t. It is vital that there is monitoring and adjustment of your marketing methods to ensure you don’t fall foul of Google.

Search and More can help you ‘clean up’ your SEO. A high ranking site and more customers is what all businesses want. Let Search and More help you achieve that. Contact us today on 0161 669 5544.

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