Why Are Keywords/Keyphrases Valuable?

To be able to optimise your pages to their maximum potential you need to check a content.

Your content should highlight your keyphrases and keywords that you are highlighting for that particular page or section.

Quote: – “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

When thinking about your website and content,it is imperative you are clear about the keywords/keyphrases you are targeting on each of your pages. You can overload with keywords when it’s better to have:

One primary keyphrase.

What is the main keyphrase that the page is targeting and what is searched for the most often E.g. cheap car insurance

A secondary keyphrase.

This is an alternative to the main phrase that is searched for less. E.g. car insurance saving

Two or three tertiary keyphrases.

These are just other alternatives that may be searched. Reduce car insurance, lower car insurance, best car insurance.

When compiling your content these phrases should flow and collate together to make sense. If you’re unsure then ask yourself what would you search for and what would you expect to find on that page?

Our expertise in doing keyword/keyphrase research can help with this. As you need to review what people are searching and the impact of those phrases? The influencing key factors really are:

  • Search volume.
  • Relevance.
  • Intent.
  • Strength of competition.

If the search traffic is high for a keyword/keyphrase, it may be unclear what the searcher is actually searching for. You need to look at the strength of competition (aka domains) that link to both the site and the particular page of those already ranking well in the search results.

Why use a keyphrase,as opposed to just a keyword?

With search engine advancement,search engines such as google attribute more importance to match a phrase on a page. For example if someone is searching for a low-cost car insurance , Google will attribute more relevance (and so higher rankings) to a page that contains the exact keyword phrase low-cost car insurance than a page that contains just car insurance at some point on the page, but low-cost elsewhere on the page.

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