How to make your web pages search friendly

Once you’ve set realistic goals for your SEO strategy, it’s time to make a start on optimising your web presence for greater profitability and brand exposure. Whilst SEO in itself requires a targeted, dedicated approach, the implementation of core techniques will make little impact if your web pages themselves are not search friendly. Plenty of complex technical aspects are involved in the optimisation of your site, but in this blog we concentrate on the pages themselves and explain what you can do to avoid slipping down the rankings at the hands of Google’s ever-increasing list of penalties.

Consider your content

Content really is key when it comes to SEO Cheshire. The words and images you share with your audience will naturally influence their decision whether to engage with you or not – but they impact on Google’s ranking process, too. Make sure that you incorporate keywords at regular intervals, ensuring that the density is enough, but not too much. Your content also needs to be readable, shareable – remember that Google is looking for quality as well as keyword quantity.

Be accessible

Many business owners are so caught up in considering their target market, profit margins and the design aspects of their site that they neglect to remember that a portion of their demographic may have special needs. There are now many ways that websites can be adapted to enable individuals with disabilities to enjoy their content just as much as those without – but unfortunately plenty are still inaccessible. If that’s not a good enough reason, websites are now penalised by Google if they don’t accommodate users with additional needs – so failing to do so can harm your business in more ways than one.

Be responsive

Unfortunately, non-responsive websites are not yet a thing of the past. A responsive site adapts to be viewed easily depending on the device accessing it. It looks great and is easy to navigate on a desktop, then automatically shrinks to fit a smartphone or tablet. So many websites are still only suitable for desktop viewing – meaning they’re clunky and extremely difficult to navigate and engage with. If your site is unresponsive when customers do find it, their experience is likely to be a negative one. With over 70% of ecommerce sales and online activity taking place on mobile devices it’s incredibly foolish not to make your site responsive. What’s more, Google actively penalises sites that aren’t keeping up – making it even more difficult for your customers to find you.

Be speedy

Slow load times will significantly impair your Google ranking and relevancy. However the good news is that if you have lots of data-heavy media or information to share with your visitors there are ways to combat slow loading times and the SEO penalties they incur. It’s best to ask an expert to look into the structure and coding of your site to find a bespoke solution to suit your specific requirements.

SEO Cheshire, Ask for professional support

Many crucial aspects of SEO involve elements of your site that you can’t see or understand. Logging in yourself and tweaking the back end of your site is unlikely to result in a positive outcome – and could damage or tamper with its internal operation and external appearance. With this in mind it’s important to enlist professional support when you are looking to delve deeper into SEO and fine-tune your website inside out.

Need SEO support with a difference? Get in touch with the experts at Search and More today. As the name suggests, we’re fully equipped and ready to help you to claim the exposure you deserve online with a holistic range of techniques.

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