Why is Pinterest so good for SEO?

Even basic SEO guidelines are complex – with many disciplines and factors influencing its success. One key element of this success is social media – but businesses often focus on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn alone. Although it hasn’t experienced the meteoric success of Instagram, visual social network Pinterest still has plenty to offer for businesses looking to increase their exposure online. Here we explain how you can use Pinterest to secure a stronger presence on search engines.

Authority backlinks matter

One strand of SEO involves backlinks – links from other relevant websites that point towards yours. As a general rule of thumb, the more relevant backlinks you have pointing to your site, the better your SEO will be. Authority backlinks are of particular significance – these are links that come from sites that have excellent SEO strategy – like Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor and news or government sites. Just one backlink from one of these web giants can significantly raise your SEO profile.

Pinterest backlinks are given particular priority. It’s a platform that’s often overlooked by businesses – but for e-commerce stores in particular linking back products to Pinterest can be highly productive. In short, Pinterest provides an easy and simple opportunity to secure authority backlinks that can have significant consequences for your own rankings.

Pinterest is visual and interactive

Like Instagram, part of Pinterest’s appeal is its visual element. Posts are pretty, attractive and engaging – and they usually have something to offer users, like tips, tricks and inspiration. Therefore there’s an added advantage for certain businesses that goes past a purely promotional perspective. If you sell beauty products, clothing, food or a hospitality product (think spas and hotels), Pinterest can also drive traffic to your site simply as a result of genuine interest. This makes it a valuable resource for certain sectors, where companies find it difficult to be heard above the noise on other social platforms.

The more strands you have to feed your site, the better your SEO will be

Aside from the authority backlinks, Pinterest has to offer, it also serves as one of the many streams that should be feeding into your site to help improve search rankings. Social platforms are amongst the most popular of these streams, but other sites such as review websites, directories and those belonging to corporate partners will also help to drive traffic and maintain rankings – as well as offering increased exposure all round.

How to use Pinterest for better SEO

To use Pinterest to boost your site’s SEO, simply create an account and add branding and business descriptions. Then go through your website and pin each page in turn – and each product, if you own e-commerce business. If you write regular blogs, be sure to share an image (or better still, a graphic explaining what the article is about) and link back to each one on a regular basis. Don’t pin everything at once – instead spend a little time each day until you’ve been through each page on your site.

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