SEO Is Buzzing!

Social media creates a buzz through its users, SEO feeds off the audience engagement and its people interaction what makes SEO work.

You need to focus daily on keeping this buzz going as it can be short lived and can soon affect rankings. Recommendations, conversations, re-tweets, social relationships will all affect the statistics- not just the “likes”.

Informative, interesting content is paramount to your social circles, so getting your information into the right places helps build your credibility and recognition. Search engines are now very susceptible to spam.

Content has changed; it is now determined with visual and video content not text alone.

Interaction within a page is keeping visitors on the page longer and will instigate conversation. Images that compliment and support the text, and streaming this visual content is essential. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all social media that rely heavily on images content.

Video optimisation

Videos are appealing content on any site; they motivate your visitors to stay on a page, and his can then result in conversions. This is a good reason for you to advance into video content but video can also boost your rankings.

Search engines are not smart enough to see what’s actually going on in the video therefore, fine-tuning the edit to make it more search engine friendly won’t help you in anyway.

What is relevant is the metadata, this is primarily the information that is searchable about the video, and this metadata is what the search engines use to determine what to display on the results pages.

So let’s briefly look at what builds your audience and keeps it buzzing?

Your title should maximise keywords and be different for every page on your site. Remember the audience don’t search for your company they search a service or a product.

Design your website with SEO in mind, so not just to look good with nice colours etc. the text and content is what the search engines use, not how appealing it looks. That’s relevant when your users find the page, but you have to get them there first!

You need to make sure you website upload speed is fast enough, if you click on a site and it’s slow your visitors’ will just move on to the next site.

Keep articles fresh so you have new content regularly.

Use key phrases not just keyword, and when hyperlinking your articles link relevant phrases not just “click here”.

Make sure your content is user friendly and understood by all. Remember your audience is very diverse and varied. Content needs to be accommodating.

Links mean everything! All content needs to backlink, and ensure you promote all your articles!

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