Avoid these SEO Horrors this Halloween (and every other day of the year!)

Halloween is just around the corner! And when it comes to your website, you must ask yourself one question: Do you want to trick or treat your SEO? The answer should be simple, but you may be shocked to learn just how many business owners try to trick search engines into placing them at the top of the results page for content that isn’t relevant! If you want your website to truly succeed online, here are some SEO mistakes to avoid…

SEO horrors – Ghost text (woooOOOooo!)

What a hauntingly outdated method! This practice involves adding lots of text into the webpage and hiding it with CSS, which is a big no-no! Unfortunately, this is a recurrent SEO mistake to avoid and far too many business owners continue to follow this method, which can result in a penalty.


This old method is one that many SEO novices may still use to this very day, and we’re here to tell you now that it simply doesn’t work. Google is smart enough to see when you are intentionally repeating keywords to boost your chances of being seen. If your content isn’t relevant and packed with keywords, you will only be pushed down.

Page murder

Deleting pages from your website is something you should never do on a whim. Broken links and dead ends can create problems for those trying to find your content via search engines. If you must remove a page, be sure to set up a redirect to new locations so that Google and the user are both aware.

Moving as slow as a zombie

A poor performing website that takes time to load is bad for your SEO. As a result, you may be ranked down. Always check Google’s Page Speed Insight’s tool to check how well it performs.


Have you ever heard of link farming? This is where a website links to another, which links to another, and so on until one makes it’s way back to you. This is not the same as sending outbound links to relevant and reputable sources. With link farming, you are creating links that are not really relevant, just to encourage people to click through. Google can see right through this, so don’t waste your time, this one of the SEO mistakes to avoid. Instead, focus on creating helpful content that other websites will genuinely want to lead visitors to.

Big brother is not watching

Google Search Console is there for website owners to watch how it performs, catch errors and see how search engines crawl through it. If you are not utilising this tool, you won’t know what is happening behind the scenes of your website. This means your SEO methods will be lacking.

Avoid these SEO horrors with Search and More

We understand that spending more time on your website means spending less time on your business. This is why seeking expert help will make things easier. Don’t let your SEO become a business horror story. Get in touch with Search and More to see how we can help your website succeed!

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