SEO Through Time…

A lot has changed in 20 years, two decades later and now Google is linked to Pandas Penguins and spiders?

This sounds bizarre when we think about it, managed by animals? But there was a time when search engine results were actually returned and analysed by humans.

Let’s look back on some of the biggest events in SEO that have made SEO what it is today. The world of SEO as changed…

Once upon a time search engines used to be edited by humans, along came an invasion spiders and these took over from humans to trawl the web. These spiders have evolved and changed how the web is used.

When we search the web now we see images, videos, results from Google+… you didn’t see these 20 years ago! These have been adapted to be what the spiders are A study has been done over 10,000 pages and only a meagre 15% have no news, no video, no image, no graphs, no authorship. These 15% won’t be ranking or effective.

1994- A man called Brian Pinkerton created the first crawler to index pages, this created a list of the top 25 websites.

1997- Lycos (one of the earliest search engines) indexed over 60 million documents. Danny Sullivan launches search engine watch to discuss all things search.

1998- Google is launched and uses PageRank to accurately rank where website occur. This is where the connection between SEO and linking.

1999- The first conference was launched by Danny Sullivan looking at designing search engine friendly site, Meta tags and doorway pages. “Black Monday” occurred as Altavista relaunches and changes its algorithm resulting in lots of sites disappearing.

2000- Google launches AdWords. Also releases PageRank toolbar allowing SEO to record their page rank.

2002- News breaks as Google is hit by link bombing…… Links used to make a page rank for unrelated searches. Google starts to get tough!

2003- Google launches AdSense- contextual advertising. Patrick Gavin Launches text-link-ads, an easy method to buy and sell links. Google penalises late 90’s tactics, keyword over stuffing and over optimisation of anchor text.

2004- The first PDF version of SEObook is released by Aaron Wall. One of the best books on the subject of “search”. Spam is an issue!

2005- The release of the nofollow tag to combat spam, this was supported by MSN and Yahoo. Google analytics is launched to track data.

2006- Google ban BMW for cloaking. XML sitemaps are launched.

2008- Keyword is helped by the launch of Google Suggest.

2009- Social networks (including twitter) are helping provide real-time results for users Google “Caffeine” update means the web can provide fresher results. It is identified that the internet is full of false information and identities.

2010- Google penalises a company called DecorEyes for using black hat method’s to increase their rankings. Google and Bing confirm that Twitter and Facebook are influencing SEO.

2011- Googles deal with Twitter expires. Google penalises JC Penney in the USA for black hat tactics. Google launches Panda, This forces SEO to look at content.

2012- Google release Penguin to identify websites that are making poor links.

2013- A rebrand makes Moz an inbound marketing company- but what is this? This is about publishing content at the right time in the right place.

So is SEO going to get more complex? It’s becoming more in-depth and is becoming more complex and stricter- The ever changing face of SEO needs to be monitored well, using a knowledgeable SEO company is vital for your business Contact us on 0161 669 5544

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